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improve the quality of people's lives. and right now in this environment there's just so much incendiary language and actions that are being taken. this isn't -- we know public service is tough and we know when you take on a position like this there are going to be hard days. but i think that the added stress about violence being perpetrated against your family is something that shouldn't be a part of the bargain. and everyone with a platform should call it out. everyone with a platform should call it what it is, which is domestic terrorism. and everyone with a platform should do what they can to bring the heat down. that's what i've been asking from the trump administration for months. and we see that that's not only not happened but it's gotten hotter and it's gotten more dangerous. >> i just want to be clear about this. timing is relevant in terms of investigations. so not to play too much with the timeline. but just to be clear about what you just said, governor, you

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