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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:01:18:00

it's what great american leaders do. republican and democratic alike. and i wanted people to know those people exist. >> you are a cool customer, governor. i mean, you are -- you seem really unflappable in a lot of different circumstances. when you understood the allegations as detailed in the affidavit today that the rest of us got to see, how does that not shake you up? because it's not just i hate whitmer, i'd love to vote her out or i'd like to go get my hands on her, everything she says makes me sick, that kind of talk. this was planning. trying to find cooperation. train. how do you get your head around that? >> well, chris, i think it's important to have a real understanding about what the threats are but also to be able to rely on the team of security around me. and i do.

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