Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:05

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:05:10:00

why have a rule? why have a speed limit? why not give everybody ten shots and put them in their cars. trust them. play a little russian roulette. trust them. they'll do the right thing. when you're encouraging them to do the wrong thing. leaders don't intentionally create risks. they keep people safe. that's their intention. so now he should have the rallies, right? so more people can get sick just like all those people in the rose garden. this president keeps knocking bricks out of the foundation of our democracy for his own advantage. the only justice is justice that he likes. the only good trust is trust of him, not even the people who work for him. that comes and goes. elections are rigged if he doesn't win. the only transfer of power that can come is if he likes the

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