Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:09

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:09:39:00

health by saying things like he's no longer contagious, something the health experts have not said since we haven't seen them in person since monday either but also saying other things that he's basically ready to get back on the road on this saturday, maybe holding a rally in florida or in pennsylvania, you know, just about ten days after he first tested positive for coronavirus. and the president is saying he's ready to do these rallies, he's talking about getting back on the campaign trail, though of course we do not know if the president has tested negative for coronavirus, and that's something that i think most people would want to know before they felt comfortable being in the president's presence. >> kaitlan, thank you so much for that. the president doesn't believe he's contagious, and the white house doesn't appear to be taking social distancing or mask wearing very seriously, but you know who's not taking any chances with that, listen to the senate's top republican majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i haven't actually been to the white house since august the 6th because my impression was

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