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Tablo vs. HDHomeRun: Battle of the networked OTA boxes

Tablo and HDHomeRun are the two major options for streaming over-the-air TV over multiple devices in your home. But one is a clear winner.

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You Asked: Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS, and more

In this installment of You Asked, we'll break down whether no Dolby Vision is a deal-breaker, how to get Atmos sound with funky ceilings, and plasma upgrades.

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Brighter isn't better for OLED monitors. An expert told me why

The most common criticism of OLED gaming monitors is that they don't get bright enough, but there's a good reason for that.

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The best soundbars under $500 for 2023

A soundbar is an easy and compact solution for better TV sound. But with so many models available, how do you choose? We've rounded up the best under $500.

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Best Bose Deals: Save on Soundbars, Headphones, and Earbuds

Bose is one of the best audio brands out there. Here are all the best deals on their famous soundbars, headphones and earbuds.

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Tablo TV tips and tricks: How to master this OTA DVR

Tablo TV is a longtime option for watching and recording free TV via an antenna. And its fourth generation is even better. Here's how to best use it.

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I finally understand why people buy prebuilts

I love PC building, but even I can't deny that it's now harder than ever to build a good gaming PC.

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These were the laptop trends that dominated 2023

Laptops were pretty boring in 2023, as affordability and better displays were the most important trends, with the most prominent lines stagnating.

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Why Wyze cameras are some of the best home security upgrades

The Wyze Cam OG, Cam Pan v3, and Battery Cam Pro are affordable and easy smart home devices that improve your house's security. They're some of the best consumer security cameras available.

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