Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091008:17:38:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091008:17:38:00

that after making a decision last spring about the strategy that he wanted to employ that in one way or another president obama was having serious second thoughts about whether that was the right strategy and the level of commitment that he is prepared to make to follow that strategy out. he indicated this week that he is not going to do this at a quote/unquote leisurely pace and the white house is signaling that we'll get some sense of a decision within the next few weeks. they have yet to actually discuss firmly and fully the troop level recommendations from general mcchrystal, which have arrived at the white house but haven't been taken up and probably won't be until tomorrow but the issue surrounding this in part for him is not simply to get the strategy right, but to convince people that he has the confidence in his own decisionmaking to see this through. >> how does he get around the fact that he reached a decision with a very big review and a major speech in march and now is revisiting it? they knew there was going to be

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