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Owensboro Teacher Wins 2022 Milken Educator Award

Exciting news for Charlotte Buskill, a 3rd grade teacher at Newton Parrish Elementary School in Owensboro. Thursday morning, she won a Milken Educator Award and $25,000!

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Rising college cost, teacher shortage vexing for Americans

© Provided by Xinhua School districts across the United States have teacher shortfalls ranging from hundreds to Xin JinHOUSTON, Sept. 1 (X

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

tonight. >> reporter: tonight, democrats in congress sending president boid biden a critical win -- >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: the house passing an historic $740 billion package. it is the largest investment in fighting climate change in u.s. history, including tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles, and tax breaks for americans who install solar panels on their homes. >> it is going to put us on a trajectory to lower co2 emissions in the u.s. by 40% in 2030. >> reporter: saying we'll meet that goal within eight years. but this is also a healthcare bill that lowers premiums for americans buying their own insurance, allows medicare, for the first time, to negotiate the price of certain drugs, and limits out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors on medicare to $2,000 dollars a year. to pay for it all, the bill raises taxes on the largest corporations and wealthiest americans. it will also bring down the deficit.

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