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'Need to find this guy;' Masked thief steals $1000 lego set during child's birthday party

A Kettering business owner said a man almost hurt kids trying to steal nearly $1000 worth of LEGOs.

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Mathis Home partners with OBI for blood drive, donors could win $1k shopping spree

Mathis Home is partnering with Our Blood Institute (OBI) to hold a blood drive this weekend and each donor will be entered for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree.

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Biting the Budget: Mischievous dog munches $4,000, owner's shock is priceless!

A pet dog named Cecil from Pennsylvania went viral for chewing up $4,000 in cash belonging to its owners, Clayton and Carrie Law. The incident occurre

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The Context

now i want you to meet cecil — he's a goldendoodle dog. he lives in pennsylvania and he might look cute and cuddly, but he's just cost his owners a whole lot of money. he's gone viral for a snack he ate — a snack of $4,000 dollars in cash that his owners had left out. clayton and carrie law say they managed to piece together most of the shredded notes after a rather smelly search of cecil�*s droppings and vomit. in the end, just $450 is missing. they've described cecil as a "goofy guy". we have a story that people are able to just laugh about. i think that a lot of us have had a pet or a toddler, or a kid who has gotten their hands on something that they

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Uber driver,70, makes $28,000 after cancelling rides: 'I love it'

Earlier, the Uber driver worked 40 hours a week but due to the reduction in surge, the time had now come down to 30 hours a week now.

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FOX News Saturday Night

about demanding to have transrights demanding school curriculums and so on.rans i think parents -- that's not related to disney at all so i don't think that's really a reason but american family is going oh, it's tooan f much for me. >> isn't aladdin trans i missed that part of the movie speaking a woman on tiktok offeringppin $5,000 dollars to anyone who can find her husband. watch this.on >> that one with my boss a couple of years ago and now added my best friend her husband and it will open up to generalth public so that such offer is ifl you introduce meic to my husband and i marry him i'll give youe $5,000. >>me julia i go to you for no reason in [laughter] >> first of alcha gol she said t she would be happy dating a rock with charisma which i actuallyg love pebbles so i would like to do the seam. my thousand dollars is very low like i'm not going to lie i

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World Business Report

temperatures have unleashed fears of an olive "catastrophe" in spain, the world's largest producer of olive oil. spain normally produces more than a million tons of olive oil a year, according to the united nations' food and agriculture organization. other countries like italy and greece make significantly less, around 300,000 tons each annually. the global price of the oil is now almost $6,000 dollars per metric ton, according to data from the international monetary fund. live now to alvaro diaz de lope, managing director of dcoop, spain's leading olive cooperative. i won welcome to the programme. i won welcome to the programme. i have been reading and hearing about the problem with the olive crop across spain. what is happening this year?- is happening this year? good morning- _ is happening this year? good morning. yes, _ is happening this year? good morning. yes, as _ is happening this year? good morning. yes, as you - is happening this year? good morning. yes, as you said, l is happening this year? good l morning. yes, as you said, the situation is getting dramatic. because we are now going through a serious drought now

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Bam Margera turns himself in

Brandon "Bam" Margera, the former MTV "Jackass" and "Viva La Bam" star has turned himself in to authorities.

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