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Apple, Google Could Win the War for the Digital Wallet

Tech companies want your financial life on their apps. Banks and regulators are fighting back.

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China Is Fighting Economic Malaise. A Top Expert Says Stimulus Isn't Enough.

China is rolling out incremental measures to reignite its economy, but a veteran China policy expert says more needs to happen to boost China’s stock market...

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Alibaba and China Stocks Rebound on Stimulus Report and Tech Rule Moves

Chinese stocks surged on Tuesday amid reports of mooted stimulus plans and a sign that tough draft tech rules could be eased.

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Hong Kong Stocks Selloff Takes January Decline to 12%

By Jiahui Huang Hong Kong stocks slid further in the new year Monday, with investors selling off property and other names on fears that Beijing isn't moving...

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VNG Requests SEC to Approve Withdrawal of Initial Public Offering

By Denny Jacob Vietnamese internet company VNG requested that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission consent to the withdrawal of its initial public...

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Baidu Stock Falls. Why Chinese Military Interest in AI Is Bad News.

Baidu shares plunged in Hong Kong on Monday following a report that artificial-intelligence chatbot had been tested by scientists affiliated with the Chinese...

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Nvidia Stock Faces a China Test. AI Chip Exports Are a Crunch Issue.

The semiconductor maker is struggling to balance the demands of Chinese customers and U.S. regulators.

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