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Bear charges Park Ranger ..SCARY!! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

I have no idea what I would do....Running is not good right?

In-Laws pierce baby's ears against parents wishes | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Have your in-laws or parents ever crossed the line with YOUR kids??

Want an Apple Watch- today is your day! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Get all the latest from Dollar Bill right here!

Ingrid Andress & JP Saxe Perform 'Like That' At CMT Music Awards | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Ingrid Andress and JP Saxe joined forces for a memorable CMT Music Awards performance.

New LOKI Charms cereal promoting the new show is genius | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 10, 2021
The new Marvel Loki series premieres on Disney plus this week and Marvel and General Mills have teamed up for a great promotion. LOKI Charms!!! The problem is they are not in stores and you have to order the box at $8.

Doing Good: Woman reunited with lost wallet from almost 50 years ago! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 10, 2021
PHoto: Getty Images
Back in 1975, Colleen Distin from Ventura, California, was in her early 20s and went to see a movie. While she was at the theater, her wallet dropped out of a hole in her purse.That wallet was never recovered ... until now.An employee was remodeling the historic theater and found the wallet in a crawl space. While the wallet did not contain any money, it did have a Grateful Dead concert ticket from 1973, old photos and Colleen’s driver’s license that expired in 1976.The employee -- Tom Stevens -- posted a message on social media about the wallet and, sure enough, just a few hours later, Colleen was told that her old wallet had been found.After the wallet had actually been returned to Colleen, she admitted that it was “very emotional” to see those things from her past, but also “excited” for the mystery of her lost wallet to be solved, thanks to thoughtful strangers.

Move over Octomom... welcome Decamom! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

A woman just gave birth to 10 babies... and there were no fertility drugs involved!!

Why did this mom dress as her daughter and then go to her school? | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Buckeye Country features the real icons of country music like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Clint Black, Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis and so many more.

Kit Kat Fruity cereal flavor | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 9, 2021
Okay Kit Kat you have gone too far. For a limited time in June you can enjoy Kit Kat in the flavor of Fruity cereal! So imagine Kit kat with the flavor of Trix or Fruity Pebbles. It aint right!! Wait...does this mean I can have it for breakfast???

Nick Jonas will be a Jersey Boy | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 9, 2021
Photo: Getty Images
"Jersey Boys" is soon going to be made for TV. The Broadway show, based on the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, has already been made into a Tony-winning musical and movie. Valli himself appeared on the Today Show on Monday to promote his upcoming album and said the show was currently filming in Cleveland. Nick Jonas will play Frankie.
Nick is definitely my favorite Jonas brother and a pretty good actor. I bet he'll do great!
About Dollar Bill

Kane Brown/Restless Road with Randy Travis mash up | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Buckeye Country features the real icons of country music like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Clint Black, Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis and so many more.

3 Maryland Hospitals get a 5 star rating | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 4, 2021
Congratulations to Maryland Hospitals! Specifically, Mercy Medical Center, the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center and Howard County General Hospital received an overall five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These 3 are among the best of 455 hospitals in the country!!!

Lee Roy Parnell is BACK | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 4, 2021
Lee Roy Parnell
Lee Roy Parnell is back in town! He played the reopening of the Saxon Pub last Friday and this weekend he is at the reopening of the Globe in Bertram. I finally caught up with Lee Roy and made a nearly 40 year confession to him.......yet, that was me
Photo courtesy of Getty Images
About Bob Pickett

When will samples return to Costco!!! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

I have been waiting for this day for a long time

Top 10 Country Graduation Songs! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Oh there is so much more than "I Hope You Dance"

The Science behind why the Sounds of eating bother us | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Jun 1, 2021
If I let myself get fixated on someone chewing food, it can bug me to know end. The sound, sometimes the click of their jaw...I can't explain why- but it really gets to me.
People who get REALLY annoyed by it have something called misophonia. 
(Pronounced miss-oh-FONE-ee-uh) That's where common sounds like chewing or heavy breathing can drive you nuts.
Researchers at Newcastle University in England scanned people's brains while they played different sounds that might trigger a reaction. And for people who have the condition, certain parts of their brain lit up MUCH more than people who don't have it.

Inaugural PLAY BALL coming to Fifth Third Field | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Fifth Third Field will host the first ever PLAY BALL event Sunday, June 6. This day of fun is part of an ongoing effort to build connections between youth sports and the Toledo community.

Two Baltimore Bars make Esquires TOP list! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Hey cool! I have to go to these bars. How have I not! Especially the Church one

Kid Rock's Bar gets a surprise performance from Morgan Wallen | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 27, 2021
Since the racial slur controversy, Morgan Wallen has been quiet. He has broken his silence by his unexpected performance at Kid Rock's bar. Morgan Wallen took the stage at Kid Rock's 'Big Honky Tonk & Steakhouse' on Wednesday night to perform 'Wasted on You'. The fans in the crowd sang along with him as he played his acoustic guitar. In addition to 'Wasted on You', Morgan also performed 'Whiskey Glasses', which erupted in a huge sing-along.
The fans even got Kid Rock to perform at his bar that night as well. 
Check out the video below!!
About Bob Delmont

Love And Luggage helps foster care children transition to a new life.

By Fred LeFebvre
May 27, 2021
Sarah Otis with Love & Luggage spoke with Fred LeFebvre about the program which helps foster care children who have reached age eighteen transition from life in the system to life on their own. It does this by providing essential items for everyday living given to the young adults in a brand new suitcase, luggage full of love. Sarah works with the Adopt America Network and the staff of LCCS to match clients with luggage and needs.
For more information visit the Facebook site for Love & Luggage and click on this link to help fill the luggage LOVE AND LUGGAGE

Doing Good: Store clerk finds million dollar winner who threw away ticket | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

If YOU found a million dollar lottery ticket would you give it back??

NASCAR GRILL you can eat from! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 25, 2021
Keystone Light got together with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski to create a grill ... that looks like the front of a race car. Under the hood, there’s a working grill. It also comes on car wheels so it can be towed from home to the tailgate party.
Unfortunately, this thing isn’t for sale. Instead, it will be given away as a sweepstakes prize -- along with $12,000 -- to one lucky winner. Good luck ... (

Former Toledoan working towards TV pilot for her cooking show | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Former Toledoan Ella Dudek is catering for Hollywood celebrities now but wants a shot at stardom for her cooking.

Peloton To Build In Wood County | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Peloton today announced plans to build its first U.S. factory. After a rigorous selection process, Peloton selected Wood County, Ohio

Couple donates drone to help Lifeguards in Florida | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 24, 2021
A couple in Navarre Beach Florida donated a drone to help lifeguards save lives. If there is a swimmer in the ocean who needs help and the lifeguard can't get there in time, a drone is deployed to drop and inflatable ring to save the swimmers.

Florida high school de-clevages HS girls in the yearbook | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Refunds and apologies are being offered after 80 girls had their clevage erased in the year book!

Tik Tok Mom shares a Hack of NOT folding your clothes | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 21, 2021
The unwritten rule about putting clothes away is they must be folded neatly. This mom is saying NOT to. The fact that kids don't like to fold clothes is no secret, so Courtney Bavis is saying make it easier by just throwing them in bins! That way you save time! She has gotten some backlash on this being called lazy, and a bad lesson to teach her kids.
About Bob Delmont

Doing Good: Deputy lifts vehicle to save woman pinned inside! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 21, 2021
Check out the video below of a Virginia deputy lifting a vehicle off a woman to save her life!! Deputy
Jon Holt with the Gloucester Sheriff’s Office was responding to an overturned vehicle with the driver trapped underneath the SUV with her head pinned by the sunroof and his bodycam footage shows him spring into action to free her.
Holt is seen running to the SUV and the woman’s daughter is heard yelling, “She can’t breathe” and her son is crying “Mommy.” The deputy remains calm as he coaxes the boy out, saying, “Come here buddy.” And then Holt uses Herculean strength to lift the SUV, which weighs more than 4-thousand pounds,

Weigh In possibly coming to an airport near you! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Would you step on a scale before boarding a flight??

All women Gym! Is this okay for men ? | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

What do you think of an all women gym, no men!?

Doing Good: Man saves dog from gator attack! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 17, 2021
Man Wrestles Alligator At Calvert County Fair
A Florida man got up close and personal with an alligator after it attacked his dog.
Mike McCoy was walking his eight-month-old chocolate lab,
Jake, near a pond in Holiday, Florida, when the gator jumped out of the water and grabbed his puppy, pulling him under.
He says Jake was “in a death roll with that old gator,” but he didn’t hesitate to jump into the water to rescue him. “I thumbed him in the eye, picked him out of the water so he couldn’t get anywhere until he let the dog go,” McCoy explains.

Marylander uses hand sanitizer while smoking and car goes up in flames | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

Buckeye Country features the real icons of country music like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Shania Twain, Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Clint Black, Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis and so many more.

Airline United is gonna have White Claw starting in June! | Buckeye Country 103.7 'CKY

May 17, 2021
Starting in June, United Airlines will get into the hard seltzer game by offering White Claw on its flights. As a matter of fact, starting June 15, passengers will also offer new in-flight snacks to purchase as well as new meal options. To stay within COVID safety guidelines passengers can pay for items with contactless payment options. 
What's your favorite item to order when on a plane? 
Photo via Getty Images

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