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Team behind censored spreadsheet exposing brutal 996 Big Tech work hours deletes project after widespread crackdown

A viral spreadsheet called WorkingTime detailing hours at Big Tech companies has faced mass censorship from Tencent, Kingsoft and others, pushing the team behind it to disband.

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CNN Newsroom Live-20211017-08:17:00

we are seeing high levels of let's say vaccine resistance in surprising places in europe as well. >> well, there are pockets of resistance across parts of europe. there are high levels of vaccine uptick in most countries in western europe and we have seen that. but in recent days, we've seen protests in italy and switzerland as woeell over the measures being taken to really nurnl encourage people to get that jab. what that entails in italy, the green pass, people will have to provide proof of getting the vaccination or getting that infection recently, recovering from that, or indeed getting a negative test within the last 48 hours. and those who don't comply with that green pass could face getting a fine of up to $1,075. and those in switzerland putting in a restriction for those who don't comply of going to

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Craig Melvin Reports-20210816-15:54:00

>> reporter: 40 million people who rely on water from the colorado river basin and from lake meade. and you look at where we're standing. this looks like a beach. this used to be the bottom of the lake. the water used to go way above where my head is now. if you look and see this white ring over there, they call it the bathtub ring, that's where the water level used to be just a few years ago here in lake meade. the water levels have more dropped 130 feet since 2000. and just in may, it passed a critical trigger point, 1,075 feet, which is how we got to where we are today, with the federal government expected in just a few hours to issue the first-ever tier one water shortage declaration. which at first it will mean cuts in nevada, as well as to arizona. and i spoke with the local water authority general manager who said they've been preparing a lot for this, trying to cut their water consumption so that they can absorb the cuts that a lot of people have predicted.

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Katy Tur Reports-20210816-18:55:00

>> reporter: geoff, the hill changes colors because that's the old water line and this used to be under water, used to be lake mead. i'll show you where it sits now. over the last 20 years or so the lake dropped about 130 feet in elevation. due to growing drought that scientists say is a combination of both natural weather patterns and human caused climate change and in may that water level hit below 1,075 feet which set off this first-ever water shortage declaration going to be issued in the next couple of hours by the federal government and means now the water levels below 40 prts and now we will have to see water cuts hitting multiple states starting with arizona, nevada and parts of mexico. parts of 40 million people that rely on water from the colorado river basin and now a scramble

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evening for a barbecue, i suspect. cloud pushing in off the north sea as we go through the night but keep temperatures around double digits for many so it means it will be relatively mild to start monday. the wind direction changing a little, dragging in even warmer air so i suspect monday and tuesday look likely to be the best days in terms of the warmth, if that's what you like. a good deal of dry weather in the forecast, as you can see. some fair weather cloud developing perhaps in the afternoon but not amounting to two march, 23, 20 four celsius, 1075 f, to close out the month of may. the beginning ofjune as well will not be too disappointing with the case of spot the difference. wendy of dry and sunny weather and this weather front in the west should not cause too much of an issue, be a little more cloud spilling into the western isles but generally fine and dry. 25 not out of the question for the

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Rock Stars And Their Pets #NationalPetDay | KJ108 FM

Sunday was #NationalPetDay and social media has no shortage of those posting our pics! Check out this video of rock stars and their pets that includes Hayden from Crown The Empire, Dustin from Starset and the band Trivium.

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ODOT Opens I-205 Project Open House | JAM'N 107.5

ODOT wants your input about plans to modify I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 213.

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Three Washington Counties Move Backwards In COVID-19 Reopening | JAM'N 107.5

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced Monday that three counties missed the metrics for Phase 3 and will move back to Phase 2.

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Oregon COVID-19 Update: No New Deaths, 499 New Cases | JAM'N 107.5

The Oregon Health Authority reports no new deaths on Sunday from COVID-19 and 499 new cases.

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TriMet Plans Work On MAX Blue Line | JAM'N 107.5

Apr 6, 2021
TriMet’s MAX Blue Line Improvements project is underway now through May 23, 2021. Multiple improvements are happening throughout our oldest light rail line. From replacing rail, just 20 feet in some areas and more than 2,600 feet in the curved trackway west of the Hollywood Transit Center, to adding new concrete rail ties in that area, this will improve the durability of the trackbed and make the ride smoother. We’re making other improvements as well, including replacing two heavily used switch machines at Gateway Transit Center and rebuilding rail crossings inside the transit center where buses cross MAX tracks.
Much of the work is being done in overnight hours or in a way that it doesn’t disrupt MAX service. However, there will be some days where trains will run on a single track in both directions on the west side of the MAX system. There will also be a few times, stretching from two days to nine days, when shuttle buses will replace trains in areas.

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Oregon COVID-19 Update: 2 New Deaths, 248 New Cases | JAM'N 107.5

Apr 6, 2021
There are two new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 2,394.
The Oregon Health Authority reported 248 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19, bringing the state total to 167,128.
The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 177, which is 27 more than Sunday. There are 42 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is one fewer than Sunday.
The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported today are in the following counties: Benton (3), Clatsop (2), Columbia (18), Crook (1), Deschutes (14), Douglas (11), Grant (1), Hood River (1), Jackson (19), Josephine (11), Lane (29), Lincoln (5), Linn (17), Marion (29), Multnomah (58), Polk (13), Tillamook (2), Wasco (1), Yamhill (13).
Oregon’s 2,393rd COVID-19 death is a 98-year-old man in Jackson County who tested positive on Feb. 14 and died on March 15 at his residence. He had underlying conditions.

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Two Rock Legends Take A Walk | KJ108 FM

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and AC/DC's Brian Johnson recently went for a walk together in Wales, discussing Led Zeppelin III.

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