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in the battle of high powers offenses the bills come back from 20 to 3 down against baltimore. lamar jackson throwing costly 24 led the buffalo's game winning field goal pills 23. ravens 20. the eagles pass trevor lawrence and the jaguars to remain undefeated. bergs 29. jacksonville 121 in that game. meanwhile the seahawks taking downtown lions 48-45. that's the 1,073 beings unique final score in history which has never been done before. another unique incident happened during the game. seattle receiver being carted off to the bathroom. he hilariously explained on twitter that the quote -- that the clinch walk, oh boy, wouldn't have made it and with that, guys, i will hand it over to you. >> do whatever you want with that.

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first light in the morning, so long as the window cooperate with us. the first aircraft into the area will be the coast guard's aircraft because they have lower minimums than what the regular dod military and national guard have. so that's how we are going to attack it. we are prepared. there is a lot of people that doesn't leave we are founding out. hundreds of people calling into # 121 call centers asking for assistance that we can't get in there and help out. >> jesse: if floridians are flooding the 911, are there other ways to contact your emergency rescue teams? how do floridians do that? >> right now, if it truly is an emergency, then we want them to call 911. if they are just trying to tell us that they are okay but they want us to know where they are at. they can go to our website at florida disaster.org/info and fill in a survey that actually gives their address and demographic information where they're at and they need help. we can actually do that if they have internet and wifi. we can actually take that via

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had wanted a 15-week ban. he signed into law earlier this year to take presidents. instead on friday, a judge sided with the arizona republican attorney general who demanded that she reinstate 121 year old law passed before arizona was even a state. that bans nearly all abortions. cnn's kyung lah is in arizona and meant one of the last women to get in a legal abortion there. something she needed to save her life. >> at the planned parenthood clinic in tucson arizona, we mean a 23-year-old patient. a mother, of two boys. nine weeks pregnant with her third. >> you can see the head in the little knows. a baby she will never hold. >> ramy here is an abortion. >> we are calling her jane to protect her privacy. her last pregnancy almost killed her. >> breathing machines union

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hurricane's worth of storm surge into a vulnerable coast line. tampa bay is one of the most vulnerable spots for storm surge in the -- acotc planet. so, that's why we are really concerned. 5 to 10 feet of storm surge goes into that bay and it has nowhere else to go except inland over top of some of the low lying residences and businesses and that is why we are so concerned. they haven't had a storm of this magnitude hit that area in 100 years. 1921. and they didn't even name storms back then. so, if you name that storm 121 years ago in the tampa bay area caused so much devastation and now we have triple or kwame the amount of people that live in the area from 100 years ago. so that's why it is so concerning and when you look at the sea surface temperatures there is a lot of warm weather ahead of it.

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this is got to be such a huge disappointment for nasa. not a real good pr moment for them right now. >> it is a disappointment. we are all excited to see the rocket launch, the mission be a great success. but i also think nasa is doing a wonderful job in making sure that the admission will be a success by delaying it, not risking the effects of weather on the launch. with an earlier launch delays also ensuring everything will go well. it is also something nasa has experience with. rocket launches tend to be delayed. back with the space shuttle program there are 135 admissions and 121 of those were delayed. so this is familiar territory getting to space. aishah: it is a familiar but it is quite expensive. if we can pull up each launch runs about $4 billion. this is already years late, it is way over budget. what is it costing every time it

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HM the King in Wales

on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. amen. the congregation will now sing psalm 121, set to music by the master of the king's music until 1931.

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day event where these temperatures will be ten to as much as 20 degrees above where they should be for this time of year. even death valley will soar to 121 degrees later on in the workweek. sacramento sees triple digits as well. but even around seattle also portland, oregon, into reno, salt lake city, that is where the heat is going to get cranked up over the next few days. heat advisories to the north, excessive heat watches further to the south includes portions of western arizona but also for the metropolitan phoenix area. phoenix on the way to 110 degrees. portland, 98. boise, idaho, 101 degrees as a ridge of high pressure dominates the region. take a look at the east. we've talked about some of the thunderstorms that are expected to move in across the northeastern part of the united states. yes, for boston, washington, d.c., acfternoon and evening thunderstorms could produce brief and heavy rainfall.

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see? ~,,. , themselves, what we are likely to see? . , ,., , ., themselves, what we are likely to see? . , , ., , ., see? absolutely, charlie. i started to 'ude see? absolutely, charlie. i started to judge them _ see? absolutely, charlie. i started to judge them on _ see? absolutely, charlie. i started to judge them on monday. - see? absolutely, charlie. i started to judge them on monday. i - see? absolutely, charlie. i started to judge them on monday. i had i tojudge them on monday. i had private sit downs with a pair of them on monday, i like to look in their eyes, i like to speak to people and their entourage. same thing, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. on friday, i like to have a look at them as close as possible. if they are 121, i like to be no more than ten feet away. ifjoshua starts doing this, i will be panicked. when he lost to usyk last time, he started talking and asking a security guard what he thought should happen in the fight. that was up should happen in the fight. that was up on the ring apron. i will be able to tell. and in the first ten seconds, hand on heart, send me your number, i will tell you who is going to win the fight. give me 20 seconds, i am convinced i can do it in 20 seconds. i seconds, i am convinced i can do it in 20 seconds-— seconds, i am convinced i can do it in 20 seconds. i am going to put you on the spot — in 20 seconds. i am going to put you on the spot now. _ in 20 seconds. i am going to put you on the spot now, you _ in 20 seconds. i am going to put you on the spot now, you have _ in 20 seconds. i am going to put you on the spot now, you have honestly| on the spot now, you have honestly been watching over the last few days, you watch the way in the body language, —— the way in, who is

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Morocco Records 121 New COVID-19 Cases over Past 24 Hours

MOROCCO, August 8 - Morocco recorded 121 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection said Sunday, adding that 343

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while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. officials now say at least one firefighter is dead and 17 others are missing as a massive fire engulfs an oil storage facility in cuba. this all started friday after lightning struck an oil storage tank. you see it right there. the cuban health ministry says at least 121 people were injured. more than 1300 have been evacuated from the area. officials say no fuel has spilled into the ocean, cuban authorities saying mexico and venezuela are sending assistance to help them battle the blaze. >> those are incredible pictures. since fighting began friday afternoon, the palestinian ministry of health says at least 29 people have been killed and more than 250 injured in gaza,

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