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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

no more shuttle program. they died. what did he -- what did they accomplish?" there was not a lot positive at that point in time. -the legacy of columbia must carry on. the shuttle's chief purpose over the next several years will be to help finish assembly of the international space station. -this could easily have just stopped cold, but we made a decision to continue this exploration quest that they just gave their lives for. -2, 1. booster ignition... and lift off of the space shuttle discovery returning to the space station paving the way for future missions beyond. -i was very quickly assigned to the second return to flight mission sts-121. -steve lindsey joined on the flight deck by pilot mark kelly, headed for six months on the international space station. -you know, certainly one of the legacies of columbia and the entire space shuttle program is we learned how to more safely fly

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America Reports

officers are beginning to get involved in this march on your screen. our camera in front of the march is walking outside those leading the protests. you can hear sirens in the background as we turn our background noise up, police just pulled up saying over the might go up on the sidewalk, you are blocking vehicle traffic. they are now on the sidewalk as they continue their march toward columbia. we are told they are currently heading south on 121st street. it has grown in numbers since we started watching this and we will see how it goes. >> trace: this is the m.o., sandra, as we look at these protesters they want the police to show up and they want to talk to please. the idea is to get some of these people arrested because it raises the profile. it in their profile as fighting for justice it gives them this

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This Toronto home may have Pepto Bismol walls but it's under $700K

The thing about house hunting in the Toronto is you need to learn to look past people's questionable design choices to see if the house is actually...

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Decision 2024 Primaries Caucuses

ready for the caucus. we appreciate you. >> not a problem. >> keep it coming, jen. i'll show you the rest of this. >> we're following you. >> 121, 120. this one's a spanish classroom right here. vicky, i just saw her here a few minutes ago, she was unlocking all the classrooms. people are going to bring their ballots into this room, put their ballot like a normal election with a secret ballot inside a box and they're going to actually count the ballots in these rooms. but this is not where the grand total is announced. i'm going to show you that too. the thing i want to point out, by the way, about wapelo county is former president trump back in 2016 did quite well here. i think he had something like -- see you in a minute. don't worry. you can keep doing what you're doing. what's that? >> you do the same. >> okay. we will. i promise. back in 2016 he had about 36% of the vote here. the question is is it going to look more like the polls do? is he going to get 58% of the vote here? where there could be as many as 1,000 people? they said there was 1900 people here in 2016.

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FOX and Friends

bill belichick and the new england patriots parting ways. several prominent sports reportingers stepping down as patriots head coach. won six super bowls in his career. 266 wins. 121 losses. i think he has lost more games than anyone else in the nfl but he is also on the cusp of beginning the winningness coach behind done choula. he wanted that record. he clearly wanted to stay. two days ago he said i will give up player personnel decisions in order to stay. two sons on the coaching staff. obviously community 24 seasons. but he is out i do not think he is done as a coach. >> lawrence: he had really come under scrutiny because he got rid of tom brady. >> steve: that was a problem. >> lawrence: tom brady won him the super bowl. >> brian: tom brady left. >> lawrence: belly check did not. talk about relationship with

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v1.2.1 file - Frosty Mesh Importer mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

Installation Install by placing "Frosty Mesh Importer.exe" and "FrosTxtCore.dll" in the same folder as your Frosty Editor installation.

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The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer

crew dead after the palestine red crescent society says the israeli military targeted their ambulance. two patients were also killed. the israeli military did not respond to cnn's request for comments. 121 ambulances have been struck during the war, according to the palestinian ministry of health. inside the hospital, fua al humani, a paramedic, could do nothing to save fahdi, the son who followed in his footsteps, and could only say goodbye. after three months of horror, these first responders are inconsolable. unable to put into words the unending nightmare they cannot escape. >> and that's to cnn's jeremy diamond for that report. also tonight, we're getting data showing a disturbing, very disturbing surge in antisemitic

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Laura Coates Live

aircraft began at left turn from 121 degrees. the altitude was approximately 10,120 feet. at 1717, the aircraft descended below 10,000 feet. at 1718 and five seconds, the aircraft altitude was approximately 9050 feet. and the airspeed was 271 knots. the cabin altitude, greater than 10,000 feet warning, deactivated. the cabin pressure was ten point 48 psi. at 1726, and 46 seconds the aircraft landed on runway to eight left at portland international airport. now, the survival factors team interviewed the remaining two flight attendants, one from the

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Laura Coates Live

deactivated. at 17:13.41, the aircraft continued to climb and reached a maximum altitude of 16,320 feet and began to descend. the air speed was 267 knots. at 17:13.56, the colselected altitude changed from 23,000 feet to 10,000 feet. at 17:14.35, the master caution activated for three seconds. at 17:16.56, the aircraft began a left turn from 121 degrees. the altitude was approximately 10,120 feet.

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