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russian lines. people say the russian offensive has begun, well, it's pretty paltry. the counter-offensive is mounding. they are preparing their units with these new weapons. they can win. they can break through. the military has fought brilliantly, doddly. it's harder they're exhausted, with another big push in them. >> am bass error teller, are you 12350id with what you have seen the it's government and specifically the poig give the ukrainians to works with. the pentagon would say it shouldn't all be on us, but specifically what our country has done, or do you feel ukraine is being asked to fight and win with an armed tied behind its back? >> i wouldn't say that. i would say that the united states has done as amazing job

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20190612:16:11:00 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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thought and it's not clear to me still how she put the indictments together the individual charges. i heap for the i hope for the sake of the city that she has a solid case where presumption of innocence but it's a pretty sweeping indictment and certainly the 12350ed was speed was great for the city in the sense that people have something else now to focus on. >> tom costello said people in the legal circles were surprised. did you get a sense that maybe these officers could have been charged to bring peace to the city more than what hard evidence they had to put into those indictments? >> well, to be honest in terms of the overreaching, the answer is we don't know yet about what evidence is out there, what evidence she was looking at when she put forward the indictment. but truthfully when we look at the level in the charges put together, i think people in baltimore feel confident that there must have been something there, something that she's seen that she'll be able to present

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this morning on "world news now," life or death. the next big legal decision in the boston bombing case after the verdict is delivered for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> for myself, i want to see the death penalty. the next phase of the trial and the big question will tsarnaev take the stand? tensions rising after graphic video revealed white cop shooting and killing a black man after a traffic stop. >> i pray that this never happens to another person. this has got to stop. >> reporter: disturbing new details emerging and word of another videotape to be released. later, fishing for adventure.

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components, you have sonar, you have electronics, you have vehicle control, if any one of those go, you have a problem and you inn 12350ed need to get thek up. >> the deep ter water, the more patient you'll have to be. >> ahead at this hour, survivors recount the terrifying moment when their ferry boat cap advertised in freezing waters off of south korea. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen.

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spacecrafts which is on a year-long mission to map the planet's surface. the photos reveal a planet full of pockmarks from pieces of asteroids and comets that regularly pelted at high speeds. and you know anticipation for england's upcoming royal wedding is running high when even the country's legoland pays tribute to the couple. the theme park created a model of william and kate's big day at the gates of bucking happen palace complete with crowds of well wishers. look at that. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,350 after gaining 71 yesterday. the s&p added 8, the nasdaq up 19. in overseas trading, in tokyo, the nikkei climbed 46 points, while in hong kong the hang seng rose 76. despite world pressures quietly and cautiously wall street seems to be slowly regaining confidence. while volume remained weak, all ten sectors of the benchmark s&p

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