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The death of 'Han'

This week I received a request from a friend and professor in the United States: “Can I please explain the concept of 'han,’ particularly how it manifests in contemporary society and the benefits it provides to the community.” Korea clearly continues to fascinate many people around the world and a lot of them are looking for the secret code or key to understanding why Korean people are the way they are, why their K-dramas resonate the way they do, and why their favourite idol’s eyes linger on screen a little more than is comfortable. Could it be than this is all due to 'han’? Certainly we are no strangers to articles and YouTube videos declaring “How Squid Game Reflects Korean People’s Unique Sense of Han” or “Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite Shows the Economic Han of Modern Korea.”

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      almost every person from the hindu community was taking the decision of the honourable allahabad high court to dismiss an appeal challenging the order of a varanasi court to allow ‘pooja’ at the gyanvapi com

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Editorial: How compassion ruled over politics after Efeso Collins' tragic death

The hallowed halls of Parliament are rarely the place where a sense of unity across the vast political divide is recorded. But in the wake of Green Party MP...

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Sense Expands Leadership Team, Adding Senior Vice President of Marketing and Senior Vice President of Product

/PRNewswire/ -- Sense, the leader in real-time home energy intelligence, is continuing to expand their leadership team ahead of what is expected to be record...

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They never used to appeal, but women-only friendship groups suddenly make sense

Now that I’m in my 50s like Kate Moss, hanging out just with female friends has taken on a whole new charm. You may have seen the pictures of Kate Moss...

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What food scientists say vaping does to your sense of smell

By RNZ Food scientists at the University of Otago say vaping is having “unexpected and interesting” side effects, including a dislike of sweet smells....

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10 Best CCTV Cameras for Home and Office in India 2024

10 Best CCTV Cameras for Home and Office in India 2024 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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One year since Cyclone Gabrielle hit Muriwai: How to make sense of 2023? - Abe Dew

OPINION It’s often only possible to make sense of bewildering experiences once we can look back on them. Distance allows a narrative to emerge. We weave our...

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'I was diagnosed with ADHD at 37. If only it had been earlier'

Depression, heavy drinking, binge eating, insomnia, compulsive shopping — by her thirties, Kat Brown had accumulated a list of mental health problems. It was...

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