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to be paid a good salary, and importantly, we're committing to reducing inequality within our own organisation, so we publish the pay ratio between my pay and that of the lowest paid, or median members of median pay in our own organisations, and are ambitious about making our own organisation more equitable so that our arguments to make the world fairer and more equitable are taken more seriously. so i think it's really important that we practise what we preach. we began by trying to make sense and interpret sometimes complicated statistics when it comes to hunger and extreme poverty. you'll know that there are data analysts, economists, social scientists, who look at the data, despite what you've said about the last year, and they are real optimists about the future of humanity. i'm thinking about people like hans rosling and steven pinker. you're at the front line of all of this. are you an optimist or a pessimist about the future of us as a species? so i am an optimist,

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Erin Burnett OutFront

>> so it sounds like it is a big pivot that he's going on the offense in a certain sense, not just being defensive. and that he would make such statements might also mean that he thinks that he's maybe no longer in certain legal jeopardy that he would actually make these claims, like this is my laptop. if he's making those claims to the state and federal authorities, it sounds like he's either built up his confidence about that or it's a strategy to deal with the incoming house republican investigations. >> right, which of course it very well could be because they have made it very clear they are going to do that. so there's the first time acknowledging and then there's the going on offense and saying we want, you know, an investigation into rudy giuliani and to the guy at the computer repair shop. do you think that there possibly could be crimes there? is there something behind it? >> so, there could be crimes there. we haven't heard his side of the story because he previously said it wasn't necessarily his laptop. the crimes include intentionally gaining access to a computer without authorization or an

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

repeating ad nauseam it's transparent. we have zero information about what the classify documents contain and we know that none of them were safely secured. all though the white house might soon argue the documents were held inside a skiff, which normally stands for sensitive come partmented information facility but in in case would mean a '67 corvette, indoor facility. tucker. >> tucker: amazing. you don't want the fbi at your beach house. that's a rule of thumb a lot of us live by. the great trace gallagher, thank you for that . >> you bet. >> tucker: we should stay at the top we're pretty tough on boar resident johnson and lindsey graham, both with redeeming qualities and to some sense it's not personal. we're moving towards something very, very serious and there's no debate what about it whatsoever and happens that this is one of the only places in the media that's raised quos about this coming war. not because we love putin. nothing to do with putin, has to do with america. the question is is this good for

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we began by trying to make sense and interpret sometimes complicated statistics when it comes to hunger and extreme poverty. you'll know that there are data analysts, economists, social scientists, who look at the data, despite what you've said about the last year, and they are real optimists about the future of humanity. i'm thinking about people like hans rosling and steven pinker. you're at the front line of all of this. are you an optimist or a pessimist about the future of us as a species? so i am an optimist, and i think we can take the actions necessary to address climate change, to deliver a far more equitable planet. i mean, you talked about the sort of history of radical ideas — if we were sitting here 50, 60 years ago and we said what we really need is an international system for aid, where rich countries put aside a portion of their budgets to finance development around the world, people would have said, that's unrealistic, that's naive, it's never going to happen. and yet we've delivered an aid system. if we'd said a few years ago, there's no way that rich countries would agree to a loss and damage fund to pay

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next time maybe give us a heads up on the thread count you prefer, you know, when you sneak into our country you free loaders. i'm sorry, but what asylum seeker would turn down any of this? unless they're lying about the so-called hardships that they're allegedly escaping from. i mean where are they seeking asylum from? the sand ales resort in cabo? have you seen some of these alleged refugees in they're dressed better than the sits sense. where did the coyotes drop them off the nike outlet store? they don't look tired and downtrodden to me. you know, this looks downtrodden. [laughter] i don't see that. i've seen people look more exhausted after spending two weeks on a carnival cruise line. they're not the refugees like the ones who came through ellis island and if they were refugees, ask those single men

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

she is just running through the greatest hits, the various talking points that she hears on right-wing media. this is her stick. but to go back to your earlier point about being ominous, when i say it's a circus, i'm referring to the absurdity of much of what they are doing. but you are right. this is very dangerous, that after an attempt, an attack on the capitol building, an attempt to overturn an election, one of the two major political parties that controls the house of representatives is gaslighting the country that nothing serious happened, that we shouldn't worry about it, and they are prepared to do it again. i think the radicalization of the party has continued apace. there's no sense of wow, we need to soboroff, we need to dial down our rhetoric, this is dangerous. the threat of political violence ought to concern everybody in this country. there is none of that. instead, what are we seeing the

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of the united states. >> i believe we can all use the exercise of standing up and putting our heart to our chest. i don't think it would kill any of us. >> greg: makes sense, standing up is good exercise. just ask the people at the start of jamie's shows. they stand up and leave. ha ha, in your face. as for the dems it's all about banning so-called insurrectionists from reciteing the pledge. >> the pledge shall not be who supported a insurrection. >> on january 6th that the insurrection didn't happen. >> let's make sure that person didn't support or in any way help overthrow the government of the united states. >> no one has participated in the insurrection should lead the judiciary committee in the pledge of allegiance. >> greg: this is the kind of juvenile distraction that stops this 'em from their duties of giving themselves raises.

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Alex Wagner Tonight

it is a simple declaration that this victim, killed by a system of oppression was a man. he was a person, just like everybody else. the system that killed him must change. reverend al sharpton, founder of the national action network, delivered the eulogy today. it began with a reference to dr. king in memphis, those 55 years ago. >> in the city that -- what has happened to the dream? >> throughout his eulogy, he recalled history, black civil rights history, in order to make sense of why the crowd was gathered in memphis today. why was tyre nichols dead? why have his parents lost their son, who loved sunsets and photography, and skateboarding. most of, all his mother. why was tyre nichols sun no longer has a father. why, despite this tragedy, have entire communities, whole cities continued to live in

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Alex Wagner Tonight

potentially donald trump's weakness, is that in 2016, donald trump took over the republican party by something shocking and awe. first he is a joke, then he is winning some primaries. suddenly, he has the nomination, and a lot of republicans are like, well, okay, we will lose, and then rebuild the party afterwards. and then he becomes president. it all kind of happens so fast. nobody quite knew what to do about it. now, you do have elected officials, for some republican voters, the last three elections have not gone back at that great for them. he might be in jail by the end of 2024. i do fit think that there is a sense in which possibly a critical mass of republicans are like, we did this already. we are not going to fall in line quite the way that we did, while on the other hand, it might well just fall in line. i think that that is probably the more likely of the two possibilities. >> it's just wow, rhonda scent

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Fox News at Night

2% of new york voters think then obligation to help new york citn sense wonders if those same newl government has an obligation top this from happening in the firs, it's not just the city that nevd desperately use a break. >> can you assure us that the wd continues to be as transparent t where there haven't been disclod them. >> what i can say what the prese cooperating fully. the presideng fully and we will continue to d. >> the president's been fully cs team to be fully cooperative. ie have cooperated fully. >> fbi's investigation into pref documents with the search of hif

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