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Chris Jansing Reports

sovereign interest in protecting their border. does he have a defense here for not doing what doj told them to do? >> he has a defense. it will not work. the rivers and harbors act of 1899, before the invention of the out board motor, this is a law that requires a permit from the army corps of engineers for the installation of any structure in navigatable waters. i think you saw some roll of a boat going over the waters, therefore we can check the box for navigatable if a boat is riding on it. more, if the river is subject to the ebb and flow of the tide or feeds into the ocean. these are things that will lead to the conclusion that this is a navigatable water, and if you put a structure in it, the united states government can sue and successfully get you to remove the structure. the idea that texas has a sovereign power, it does, but generally speaking, if something federal overrides or overlaps

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The Lead With Jake Tapper

accept tim. and the of snc and josh is here with me onset it is such a might have to have you. >> and we began communicating after i saw the production and i wanted to get the conversation started about the significance of this play. for those viewers that aren't familiar, tell us about it. >> well, the writer takes place in 1899, covers 60 years of a welc welcome to interfaith family. i play the patriarch. and he has renounced his and he

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serving in little rock since 1899, so we will be here for the long—term. this is not a mobile incident command here in central arkansas, in little rock. we have been here and we will continue to be here to serve. the thing that is always going to kind of either help or hinder us is we continue to move forward, the amount of monetary donations that we have to be able to serve these folks in a way that helps move them forward, and anybody right now, that's the best way, if you're interested in helping out here in central arkansas or any of the other areas that are affected, mississippi, tennessee, alabama, where the salvation army has boots on the ground and the different areas we are serving, the best way to do that is you can text storm 51555 and make a donation. thank you

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CNN Newsroom Live

but many, including biden himself saw that law as just a tiny step. and since the beginning of this year, there have been at least 110 mass shootings in the u.s., leaving more than 150 dead. gun violence is now the leading cause of death among children and teens, and getting worse. during a surge of child mortality in america over the last two years, a new study says gun violence is a central factor responsible for nearly half the jump in 2020. >> i think that there is a certain numbness that's developing. we've been dealing with this at least two decades of just mass shootings, public shootings, school shootings. at the same time, 456 million guns have been produced for this market, this domestic market since 1899. >> reporter: while the politics continues to play out over stronger gun measures, some of the nation's top law enforcement figures have been weighing in, pleading with lawmakers to take stronger action on guns. in one senate hearing, recently

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Early Start With Christine Romans

since 1899. >> reporter: and some of the nation's top lawmaker figures have been weighing in, pleading with lawmakers to take stronger action on guns. in one senate hearing recently retired phoenix police chief gary williams said that we are outgunned, we're outmanned, we're outstaffed, we need more responsible gun legislation. brian todd, cnn, washington. sg march madness is officially under way. andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." i haven't filled out my bracket yet. i've got like four hours? >> no, you don't have to get it in until thursday morning. luckily you still can do all that research i know you want to do. but keep an eye on these teams that win in the first four in your bracket because since they started the first four, teams are grabbing 11 or 12 seed, they have gone on to pull off an upset in the first year except for 2019. and vcu and ucla went from the first four to the final four in

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