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How red wine lost its health halo

In a 1991 segment of 60 Minutes , CBS correspondent Morley Safer asked how it could be that the French enjoyed high-fat foods like pâté, butter and triple...

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CNN This Morning

who maybe don't care for the cowboys are happy today. cowboys came in with 16 straight wins at home looking for their first super bowl title in nearly three decades, but dallas and dak prescott got designated from green bay. the youngest team to make the playoffs since 1974, average age is 25. aaron jones scored three rushing touchdowns, tying a team playoff record. the packers were up 27-0 before dallas knew what hit him. jordan love throwing three touchdown passes, a near perfect passer rating. that green bay defense wrecked the league's number one offense, intercepting prescott twice. everything is bigger in texas they say, apparently they're beat down by the packers, 48-32 packers now travel to california to play the 49ers next weekend in the next round. in the other matchup yesterday, the late game between the lions and the rams. a motor city moment decades in the making, right? detroit getting their first playoff win since 1991, phil and

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your data points out, in the december going into the election year, it was a wide-open race, and this hasn't been a wide-open race. >> yeah, that's right. bill clinton in 1991, when he goes on to become the comeback kid after new hampshire, he doesn't have a donald trump looming over him at 50%, 60% in the national polls. he has a clear path to a surge, because the candidate field is split. right now you have donald trump ahead of the two major candidates that are challenging him, and you have -- this time you have vivek ramaswamy, i guess, is somewhat of a factor taking votes away, taking delegates away, more importantly, from nikki haley or ron desantis, in the early states. asa hutchinson is also running for president. i don't expect him to get very many votes or delegates. >> elliot, something else that i took away from your data, the december numbers, the december numbers historically have been

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Andrea Mitchell Reports

have to tell you, the secretary -- this is not going to be done and this cannot be achieved with netanyahu. >> i think that is the conclusion of the u.s. officials as well. they have been trying. richard, you have been watching this as long as i have. this is the first prime minister of israel that -- since 1991 -- that has not agreed to a two-state solution and permitted settlements that have taken so much of the palestinian land in the west bank that it would be very difficult to put together a palestinian state, particularly if as some of the ministers are saying, they try to reoccupy gaza once the war is over. that difficult to put together a palestinian state, particularly if as some of his ministers are saying, they try to reoccupy gaza once this war is over. so i don't know, richard, what prospects you see, but there is

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Deadline White House

all of these attempts, they have failed. now we have this scathing new ruling from the judge about the things he cannot say in court or as the daily beast puts it, the judge signals trump is doomed in the new e. jean carroll trial. is that fair? >> i think so. kaplan is being awfully tough. he's trying to get it delayed asking most recently because melania's parent has died. he has been completely -- 32 social tweets in 30 minutes. i wonder what joyce and lisa think about this, sometimes roberta kaplan is a great lawyer, but she can maybe be pretty aggressive. the one holding of the "access hollywood" tape, he says it in 2005, the attack was in 1991, and then the defamation is in

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Inside With Jen Psaki

back in 1991. >> this is -- one of the greatest pieces of thought fraud, i repeat the word fraud, on the american public. my special in trist greets, that i've seen in my lifetime. -- if the militia, which was going to be the state army, was going to be well regulated, why shouldn't 16 and 17 and 18 or any other age persons be regulated and the use of arms? the way in automobile is regulated. >> to use justice warren burger's language, the nra, -- eight years later in the direct aftermath of what it the time was the worst school shooting in american history. columbine. following that horrific shooting with two students shot and killed 13 of their classmates and injured 20 other people, wayne lapierre and other nra leaders hopped on a crisis called to decide how the organization would handle the situation. according to tapes released by

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known around here, like as the kid who scored the winning shot? >> it went up for a long time, people would say remember when you hit that shot? and of course i remember. >> in 1991, the hometown hero started to date another hometown stand out name darlene webber. dar, as she was known, had a personality is because first while. >> the first time i saw her, she was playing softball, of course, and she had on these lime green specks, so she looked a little funny. but when she took them off, i thought she was beautiful. >> it was a classic case of opposites attracting. >> i think we both went into the relationship knowing that we really loved spending time with one another. >> tom was the laid back, easy going type.

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Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire

in april and issue a ruling by the end of june. meanwhile on friday, the longtime head of the national rifle association, wayne lapierre, said he is stepping down. his announcement came just days ahead of a civil corruption trial where he and others are accused of using na funds to pay for trips and gifts. lapierre served as ceo and executive vice president of the national rifle association for over 30 years starting back in 1991. his retirement is effective on the last day of the month, however, that trial is set to begin today in new york. out west, the 2024 award season kicked off last night at the 81st goalen globe awards celebrating the box office hits and triumphs. last night's globes were the first since the hollywood foreign press association was replaced after a series of financial and diversity scandals back in 2022. a group of 3 hyundai verse

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Inside With Jen Psaki

just take a listen to a republican nominated chief justice of the supreme court talk about the second amendment back in 1991. >> this has been one of the greatest pieces of fraud, i repeat the word fraud, on the american public. by special interest groups that i've ever seen in my lifetime. a well regulated militia. if the militia which was going to be the state army was going to be well regulated, why shouldn't 16, 17, 18, or any age persons be regulated in the use of arms the way an automobile is regulated? >> to use just as warren burger's language, the nra with the help of wayne lapierre solidified that fraud eight years later in the direct aftermath of one of the time was the worst school shooting in american history, columbine. following that history -- were two students shot and killed 13 of their classmates and injured 20 other people,

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BBC News

party withdrawing their nominated candidates from a number of seats, or candidates that they wanted to field as independent candidates. so ultimately what that means is that this problem might persist and the voter turnout wasn't very high, at 12:10pm today it was 18.5% and up to 3pm it was 27.5% and the voting ended at 4pm. 0fficially 3pm it was 27.5% and the voting ended at 4pm. officially the numbers that we are getting is 40%. that's the lowest voter turnout since democracy returned here in 1991. and some people would claim that some of the numbers might have been slightly inflated, although vote rigging hasn't been that widespread this time around, so what would be the reaction in terms of members of the ruling party before the elections got under way, suggesting voter

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