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this subcontracting firm, the experts, on a job in newport, rhode island. and the company is concerned enough that they actually call the hotel where he's staying and say they're going to bring him home. they're concerned he's unstable. there's a hotel log reflecting that. they apparently call his mother and express concerns about him. this gets relayed to aaron alexis and he expresses concerns about this to a friend. so we might see the seed of a possible motive there in that the company is thinking of yanking him off his job. now, the fact is they didn't. and more and perhaps now when we learn even more what happened after that, it seems an inexplicable decision because this is when he starts going to the hospital reporting he's hearing voices, vibrations coming from a microwave. he goes to a v.a. hospital and complains he can't sleep. all of this is happening in the

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one month before he shot and killed 12 people at the u.s. navy yard monday, aaron alexis told police in newport, rhode island, that he heard voices speaking to him through the walls of his hotel room and felt vibrations in his body. police turned the case over to the local navy station in newport but there's no evidence the report was passed on. joining me is democrat rhode island congressman david sisilini. you've been an outspoken advocate against illegal guns. but as far as we know right now, alexis obtained his weapons perfectly legally. what kind of legislation could have averted this tragedy? >> there's current pending legislation that would have fixed the broken background check system. it would make sure that every single sale of a firearm is subject to a background check so

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at work in washington, at least they'll be there. but in more seriousness, like reporters, i think lawmakers only act when they feel they have a deadline looming. >> like reporters. thanks so much. david, lynn and tamara, thank you all for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. investigators are still trying to piece together a possible motive for washington navy yard gunman aaron alexis. 12 people were killed and eight others injured in the shooting monday morning. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff has been following this investigation very closely and joins us live from washington. michael, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. >> where do authorities stand right now on identifying a possible motive in this shooting? >> reporter: no real breakthrough what is emerging more and more is this portrait of somebody who is literally unraveling in the weeks before the rampage. we're learning more and more about that starting in the month in august when he's working for

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he had and how he used them. >> reporter: aaron alexis entered the navy yard without any issues because he had a valid pass as an hourly i.t. contractor. they don't need to pass through metal detectors or have their bags searched. bill: the naval memorial, with defense secretary chuck hail. washington, d.c.

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on the others. bill: this is the 8th deadliest mass killing in recent u.s. history. we remember the shooting at virginia tech in blacksburg, virginia. april 1999, columbine, high school, littleton *, colorado. hopped fire on their fellow students and teachers. death toll that day, 13. also 13 killed in fort hood, texas when former army psychiatrist nadal hassan opened fire. he was sentenced to death for that crime only weeks ago. 12 is the count for the shooting at the navy yard. that does not include the gunman aaron alexis. 9 people were injured including

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of the shootings yesterday. it will represent all who have served or all who will ever serve in the united states navy. meanwhile, we are learning startling new details in the not yet released government report that suggests that budget concerns may have caused the navy to let their guard down. we know that aaron alexis went on a one-man killing street and killed 12 people before dying in a gun battle with police. this is th -- this is the deadlt shooting since the fort hood massacre. we start a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. alexis got inside the

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a woman who took a bullet to the skull. martha: it's a tense day in washington that got so much worse after an incident right in front of the white house that had the secret service rushing in a panic. we are going to tell you what happened there. bill: despite multiple arrests and his checkered service. aaron alexis got an honorable discharge from the u.s. navy. >> i'm sad because i can't believe he would do something like this. we all get mad and upset but we don't do this. with simple, real, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.

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navy crime yard. interviewing witnesses. peter doocy was with us at this hour yesterday. one of the first reporters on the scene. peter, good morning to you. do we know how aaron alexis got those guns inside the navy yard? >> reporter: the fbi is trying to figure that out. what we do know is mr. alexis had multiple guns on him as he committed mass murder about this time yesterday. the authorities say at least one of those weapons was taken by mr. alexis from a law enforcement officer on the yard. >> apparently he used the handgun of one of the law enforcement officials in the navy yard after he got there. so that investigation is continuing to unfold to see what weapons he had, how many weapons

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clearance? >> reporter: the va is not confirming he was a patient. but there are reports out there and his father has certainly been talking about some of his mental health issues that go back he says to 9/11. the reports out there are he was seeking mental health treatment for issues of anger, of sleep deprivation, of various psychological issues. there are even some reports suggesting he was hearing voices in his head. we do not have could be fir nation of that at this time. but what is clear is that law enforcement officials are scouring this medical records and they are subpoenaing those documents so that they can see if there was a pattern. what's interesting, i spoke to a u.s. defense official who clarified how aaron alexis was released from the military in 2011. there were reports that he was discharged with a general

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installation likely using his own i.d. as a government contractor. some witnesses say security was always a con search for them. >> it didn't seem like it was very safe. they would show an i.d. but they wouldn't check it careful live. i always thought it was an unsecure place for as secure as it's supposed to be. martha: jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. what is in this new report we referred to. >> reporter: the inspector general's office has not released this report. congressman mike turner asked for more details about this report in which they were looking into how security at naval installations may have been hurt by current budget cuts. we don't have a copy of the inspector general's report before it's raising a lot of questions about whether these budget cuts may have led to more lax security at the navy yard. but what i would like to say, given the fact that aaron alexis

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