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Fraudsters cash in on scam holidays as mother is conned into handing £100 to fake caravan owner

Amber Kmiotek was left despondent when she drove to a caravan park in Skegness 160miles away for her first family trip - only to discover she had been conned out of £100 by a cruel scam.

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Beyonce's new album Renaissance debuts in top spot on Billboard 200

The album was the first from a female artist to land atop the Billboard 200 this year, as the last female artist to achieve the feat was Adele with her album 40 last December.

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When terminally-ill Darrell 'mooned' at a speed camera, he never dreamed what it would lead to

Devastated when he was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, Darrell Meekcom, 55, set about drawing up his 'bucket list' before he says, 'I become a prisoner in my own body'.

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Women's Month: Most powerful female figures in music history

In celebration of Women's Month, we are celebrating a few of the best female singers of all time.

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left—field ideas, use a container to collect water while you shower then use it to flush the toilet, fancy that? challenge yourself to finish the show in the time it takes to listen to a four—minute track from a playlist on sparta by including lady gaga's rain on me, bruce springsteen's the river and adele's water under the bridge. think about it a lot more because on the side — other side of this, it's not the serengeti, it's a field in cambridge, located there and it does look like it could be wildebeest, hippos and zebras. this is one of europe's most important wetlands but you can see that, just how parched it is. you can see that, 'ust how parched it is. ,,, ., ,, ., , it is. speaking of wildlife, this icture it is. speaking of wildlife, this picture in _ it is. speaking of wildlife, this picture in the _ it is. speaking of wildlife, this picture in the sunday - it is. speaking of wildlife, this picture in the sunday mirror, | it is. speaking of wildlife, this - picture in the sunday mirror, baby zebra and a rhino, making a close bond, daisy the baby rhyno and the little zebra, daisy rescued when she

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Adele takes out huge $38million mortgage on new LA mansion can reveal Adele - whose next worth is $183million - took out a massive $37.7million mortgage on new home.

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CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto

the plank like peter myer in michigan to cast these really difficult votes, only ten republicans willing to stand up. >> taking the vow. another thing we're watching is a voter initiative on the ballot in kansas which would amend the state constitution to allow abortion rights to be taken away because there is state constitutional guarantees of that there. interesting because it's a vote taking place in the primary as opposed to in the fall when there is higher turnout. >> right. >> democrats say that's adele rem -- a deliberate way. >> the way that the actual question on the ballot is worded can be a little confusing. you have to vote now if you want to protect access to abortion in kansas, which has become pretty much a safe haven for people in neighboring states to come to the state for access to the procedure but it going to be a really interesting test even on a august day of how motivating

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Did serial killer strike again? Suspect identified in cold case death of sex worker

Adele Bailey's body was found by two men exploring the 'Jack of Clubs' mineshaft in Bonnie Doone, Victoria in 1995 after she disappeared 17 years earlier.

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