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Unvaccinated Australians "likely" to be banned from many workplaces and public venues
(Natural News)
Australian companies are pressuring the government to mandate Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations. Their lobbying has become so strong that experts have warned people that refusing to get vaccinated will likely mean getting banned from most workplaces and public venues.
Australia has maintained a very low vaccination rate since the COVID-19 vaccines became available to the country. But its vaccination rate is slowly rising, with around 15 percent of the population already fully vaccinated, and another 18 percent waiting to get a second dose of the vaccine.
Unfortunately, the federal government of Australia is relentlessly being pressured by private companies to make vaccines compulsory for workers.

Virgin Australia set to stand down staff as COVID-19 lockdowns halt travel

Virgin Australia set to stand down staff as COVID-19 lockdowns halt travel
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Virgin Australia is poised to announce a fresh wave of stand downs across its workforce as soon as Thursday as the aviation industry struggles with lockdowns and border closures that have slashed travel around the country.
Several industry sources familiar with Virgin’s thinking, but who were not authorised to speak on the record, said the lockdowns could affect more than 1000 staff at the airline.
Virgin Australia boss Jayne Hrdlicka, centre, will announce stand downs.

Frantic moment Barnaby Joyce scrambles to put on his mask in Parliament

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was caught on camera scrambling to put on his mask after forgetting to wear it in Parliament. 
With Covid-19 ravaging Sydney and Brisbane, MPs are being asked to wear masks when they are 'not participating in debate' in the House of Representatives in Canberra.
Just before Question Time began at 2pm on Wednesday, Mr Joyce was seen laughing and chatting with a colleague without wearing his face covering.
As Prime Minister Scott Morrison stood up to answer his first question, Mr Joyce appeared to have been reminded of the rules and frantically scrambled to retrieve his mask from his jacket pocket before putting it on.

Qantas to stand down 2,500 employees

written by Adam Thorn
August 3, 2021
A Qantas 787-9, VH-ZNJ msn 7C806D, as shot by Victor Pody
Qantas and Jetstar are to stand down 2,500 employees for around two months.
The business group said the “temporary measure” was due to a drop in flying that saw its capacity reduce from almost 100 per cent in May to just 40 per cent in July.
The announcement significantly comes the morning after Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce announced flight and cabin crew outside of COVID hotspots will gain access to JobKeeper-style payments of $750.
Previously, stood down workers in aviation could only gain access to support if they live in areas that are locked down, such as NSW.

How much damage will Barnaby do to the government this time around?

How much damage will Barnaby do to the government this time around?
Already facing a more difficult path to reelection, Morrison and company will be dragged down by Barnaby Joyce, who confirms every negative impression of the government.
(Image: Private Media)
If the Turnbull era is now mostly forgotten in Canberra -- as if a government could ever actually attempt to do serious policy! -- there are some lessons on offer from Turnbull's prime ministership of relevance to the shoddy, corrupt outfit that succeeded him.
One is that Barnaby Joyce is a drag on the Coalition's vote. A noticeable one.

Council receives funding to fix safety issues, save lives in black spots

Date Time
Council receives funding to fix safety issues, save lives in black spots
Penrith City Council will soon introduce greater safety measures on dangerous roads in the LGA thanks to funding from the Australian Government.  
Council is receiving $623,000 under the Black Spot Program for 2021-22, with the money to be spent on overhauling two unsafe thoroughfares.  
These include Forrester Rd (between Glossop St and Christie St) in St Marys, and Victoria St (between Richmond Rd and east of Burton St) in Werrington – sites Council identified as black spots prior to applying for funding.  
The approved Black Spot funding allocations have been announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Barnaby Joyce, and Chair of the NSW Black Spot Consultative Panel, Dr David Gillespie.  

For Bridget McKenzie and the Nationals, life is like a box of chocolates

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Bolivia Hill bridge deck takes shape to boost safety

Date Time
Bolivia Hill bridge deck takes shape to boost safety
The Bolivia Hill upgrade on the New England Highway is powering ahead, with all 61 concrete segments of the new bridge now in place.
Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce said the Australian Government’s $98 million contribution to the $134 million project would ensure the project crosses the finish line by the end of the year.
“This upgrade will be a game changer for the estimated 1,500 vehicles, including 500 heavy vehicles, that use this route between Glen Innes and Tenterfield every day,” Mr Joyce said.
“I am determined to get the job done on this crucial upgrade, which is why the Federal Liberal and Nationals Government unlocked $43 million in new funding for the project in February.

Barnaby Joyce defends George Christensen and his support for anti-lockdown protests

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Barnaby Joyce has defended one of his Nationals colleagues for attending an anti-lockdown protest and supporting huge rallies in Melbourne and Sydney.
The deputy prime minister said George Christensen was within his rights to attend a legal rally in Queensland and voice support for the other demonstrations, which breached public health orders.
Mr Christensen argued on social media civil disobedience was moral and the only response to laws that restricted freedom.
But there are concerns about the federal politician endorsing behaviour that could lead to more coronavirus infections and longer lockdowns.
Mr Joyce said he did not agree with the backbencher's comments or actions but refused to condemn them.

Former State Premier Quits Party Over 'Heavy-Handed' COVID-19 Response

Former State Premier Quits Party Over ‘Heavy-Handed’ COVID-19 Response
Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has resigned from the Liberal National Party, citing disappointment with the response of state and federal governments to COVID-19.
In a statement released on July 26, Newman said, “I have in recent months become dismayed that the political wing has failed to stand up for our core values of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, support for small business, the elimination of red tape, and the defence of free speech and liberty.”
“The last straw for me has been the destruction of people’s livelihoods, jobs and freedoms under governments’ heavy-handed response to COVID-19 across the nation,” he added. “It is important to keep Australians safe, but it is equally important to keep us free. The two concepts do not need to be mutually exclusive.”

Barnaby Joyce scores dismal ratings in Resolve poll, while Berejiklian government easily in front despite NSW lockdown

This is based on a sample of 1,607, conducted from July 13 to July 17.
Two party estimates are not provided by Resolve, but The Poll Bludger estimates 51.5-48.5 to Labor from these primary votes, which is a one-point gain for Labor.
Negative ratings for Joyce, Morrison and Albanese
Of those surveyed, 45% said they had a negative view of Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. Just 16% had a positive view, for a net likeability of -29. Former Nationals leader Michael McCormack had a 17% negative, 11% positive rating for a net -6 in June.
This poll suggests the ousting of McCormack in favour of Joyce could hurt the Coalition, as I wrote about last month.

Australia COVID: Scott Morrison's reckoning has arrived

It’s been a source of bafflement and frustration for Labor and Greens voters for months: How could the Morrison government make so many blunders in plague management yet still be a pretty good bet to win the next election?
For these people, there is some satisfaction across all the opinion polls in recent weeks. The reckoning has arrived.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison is losing skin as the vaccine rollout fails to deliver.
Credit:Alex Ellinghausen
All the published polls are showing a clear movement away from the Morrison government. On every measure of pandemic performance, the Coalition’s approval rating has fallen significantly.

Angry bloviator yells at capitalism when markets 'fail' on climate

Angry bloviator yells at capitalism when markets ‘fail’ on climate
© Provided by Crikey
Paul Kelly — the other, other, dud Paul Kelly — is always happy to help out a Liberal mate.
Kelly, “editor-at-large” for
The Australian, of course, memorably explained that the role of his paper, the local flagship of a foreign political party known as News Corp, was to support the Coalition in Australia — indeed, it was its “working rule”. Kelly fulfils that pledge today with an effort to provide Scott Morrison with a convincing argument as to why he needs to shift from net zero “preferably” by 2050 to a hard commitment to 2050 like numerous other countries.

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