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Blanquer au défi d'une nouvelle rentrée sous le sceau de la crise sanitaire

Paris - Fermer le moins possible de classes et préserver la scolarité des élèves: le ministre de l'Education Jean-Michel Blanquer a présenté jeudi la rentrée de l'année 2021-2022, une nouvelle fois chamboulée par le Covid-19, en l'espérant "la plus normale possible".

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École : Blanquer au défi d'une nouvelle rentrée sous le sceau de la crise sanitaire

Fermer le moins possible de classes et préserver la scolarité des élèves : le ministre de l’Éducation Jean-Michel Blanquer présente jeudi la rentrée de l’année 2021-2022 en espérant concilier ces deux

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French government determined to keep schools open as virus spreads

French government determined to keep schools open as virus spreads
As the spread of more infectious and dangerous variants of the coronavirus strain French hospitals, the Macron government is doubling down on its efforts to keep schools open. His policy is driven by the interests of the capitalist class, which is demanding that schools be kept open as holding pens for children so that their parents can continue to work.
On Monday night, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer gave an interview to LCI in an effort to win support for the government’s policy. Despite his personal oversight of attacks on school funding in the 2018 high school reforms and the elimination of 2,650 public school positions in 2019, he feigned concern for the toll of school closures on children’s mental health.

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