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Why Sarah Silverman regrets decade-old jokes about Britney Spears, Paris Hilton

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Why Sarah Silverman regrets decade-old jokes about Britney Spears, Paris Hilton
April 19, 2021
Comedian Sarah Silverman has explained why she showed remorse in the past two months about years-old jokes she made targeting Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
The subject came up Wednesday when she appeared on SiriusXM’s Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart, and Hart asked how she felt about comedians apologizing for jokes that haven’t aged well.
“I could argue either side. Obviously, like two weeks in a row, I’m like apologizing for jokes I made about Britney Spears 14 years ago,” Silverman said. “I’m apologizing for that. And you know what? Apologizing doesn’t shame me. It doesn’t scare me. It makes me feel free. I never understand how it’s hard for people. I apologize when I’m sorry. I don’t apologize when I’m not sorry, but I’m f**king sorry a lot because comedy isn’t evergreen. And to that point, I’m not a bad person because I did a bad thing in the context of what we’ve learned in the world.”

Britney Spears assures concerned fans she is 'totally fine'

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Author of the article: WENN - World Entertainment News Network
Publishing date: Apr 18, 2021  •  2 hours ago  •  1 minute read  • 
Britney Spears poses at the premiere of ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ in Los Angeles, July 22, 2019. Photo by Mario Anzuoni/File Photo /REUTERS
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Britney Spears has assured concerned fans she’s well and “extremely happy” after a series of odd social media posts in recent weeks.
The singer took to Instagram over the weekend to host a question-and-answer session for devotees, where she addressed their worries and confessed the most frequently asked question she’s answered of late has been, “Are you OK?”

Britney Spears: I'm totally fine

Britney Spears has insisted to fans she is "totally fine" in an Instagram Q&A with her followers.

Amanda Seyfried Says She's Down For Mamma Mia 3

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Mamma Mia! [films],” she said. “Do you know how much fun that is?”
Last year, producer 
Judy Craymer said she always imagined the films being a set of three, saying:
“I think one day there will be another film, because there’s meant to be a trilogy, you see. I know Universal would like me to do it.”
Amanda Seyfried said earlier that she questioned the viability of a third 
Mamma Mia! as there might not be enough ABBA songs, but honestly, why limit ourselves to that?
Why not just go the
Fast & Furious route and spin the
Mamma Mia! franchise out into an eleven-film cinematic universe with a different artist featured in every movie?

Britney Spears Says She's 'Totally Fine' and 'Extremely Happy'

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Britney Spears wants her fans to know she is doing well.
The "Stronger" singer posted a new Instagram video on Friday, answering three questions her followers have been asking her, including "Are you OK?"
"Yes, I'm totally fine. I'm extremely happy, I have a beautiful home, beautiful children," replied Spears. The singer shares two sons -- Jayden James , 14, and Sean Preston, 15 -- with ex-husband Kevin Federline. "I'm taking a break right now because I'm enjoying myself."
Prior to answering that question, she answered whether or not she gets dizzy when she spins so much while filming her dancing videos.
"Yes, I get extremely dizzy. But I'm a dancer so as long as I have a focus point for my head as I turn, as long as I keep finding that spot, usually in the end it's not as bad," Spears answered.

Britney Spears Assures Fans She's 'Extremely Happy' and 'Totally Fine'

Britney Spears Assures Fans She’s ‘Extremely Happy’ and ‘Totally Fine’
1 hr ago
Britney Spears
Britney Spears is letting fans know that she’s doing okay amid her conservatorship battle and the #FreeBritney movement.
The 39-year-old pop superstar took to Instagram on Friday (April 16) to answer several commonly asked questions by fans, including inquiries about her mental health.
“The next question is, am I okay?” Spears says in the video. “Yes, I’m totally fine. I’m extremely happy. I have a beautiful home, beautiful children. I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.”
In recent months, fans grew concerned about the singer’s life following the release of the 

Britney Spears assures fans she is doing well amidst conservatorship

The pop star has finally responded to fans' questions about her wellbeing.

Britney Spears Assures Fans She's 'Fine' In New Instagram Video

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Britney Spears has taken to Instagram to post a new video assuring fans that she is 'fine', following a number of strange posts.

Britney Spears says she's 'extremely happy' in 'Q and A' fans session

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Britney Spears says she's 'extremely happy' in 'Q and A' fans session
Updated: Apr 18, 2021 13:21 IST
Washington [US] April 18 (ANI): American singer-songwriter Britney Spears recently got indulged in a Question-and-Answer session and said to her concerned fans that she's "totally fine."
According to Page Six, the 39-year-old singer took to Instagram Friday night to post a Q&A session for fans, where she acknowledged that the most frequently asked question lately has been, "Are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm totally fine. I'm extremely happy, I have a beautiful home, beautiful children," said Spears, who shares sons, 14-year-old Jayden, James 15-year-old Sean Preston with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Promising Young Woman review – Carey Mulligan's avenging angel burns bright | Drama films

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It’s stingingly timely material. Thematically, Emerald Fennell’s feature debut,
Promising Young Woman, could have been distilled from pure pain, an amalgamation of the countless rape culture testimonies on sites such as Everyone’s Invited. But tonally, with its extravagantly arched eyebrow and lacquered manicure of irony, this film feels oddly dated – a couple of decades out of step with current sensibilities. Were it not for Carey Mulligan’s Cassandra, an avenging angel in bubblegum-pink lip gloss, the picture may well have toppled off its stripper heels long before it got to stomp into its divisive shocker of a final act. Mulligan’s withering disdain is a thing of beauty. If anyone wins prizes for this liberally and generously nominated film – it has five Oscar nods, including best picture and best director, and scored six Bafta nominations, winning two – it should be her.

Britney Spears tells fans she's 'extremely happy' and 'totally fine' amid concern

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Britney Spears tells fans she's 'extremely happy' and 'totally fine' amid concern
Britney Spears has updated fans on her wellbeing.
On Friday, the 39-year-old 'Toxic' singer shared a video to her Instagram account answering three popular questions asked by her fans — like whether or not she gets dizzy when she records herself doing spins in her home.
"I'm here to answer all of your questions, and the first main question you guys have been asking me is basically when I'm in my living room, do I get dizzy when I'm spinning so much?" she began. "Yes, I get extremely dizzy but I'm a dancer so as long as I have a focus point for my head as I turn, as long as I keep finding that spot, usually in the end it's not as bad."

Liv on the Edge: The return of Y2K and the effect of the media machine

Campus Times
Campus Times staff has worked hard on a responsive web redesign. Please bear with us as some older content may be temporarilily unavailable. To submit feedback, or to report an issue, email the Web Staff at [email protected]×
Courtesy Bridget Tokiwa
April 18, 2021
Hello everyone. In the weeks since we last spoke, I’ve been reflecting on a piece I wrote earlier this year about the cyclical nature of fashion in which I touched on how the early 2000s has made a full comeback. I’ve been thinking about it (and my obsession with the Y2K aesthetic) ever since, and it seems,  the rest of the internet has as well. 

Britney Spears responds to fans' concerns over wellbeing

The documentary scrutinised the singer's career, mental health and the #FreeBritney movement, which aims to see her freed from a restrictive conservatorship helmed by her father. 
Spears' sometimes erratic social media presence has fuelled rumours, with fans claiming she is secretly sending out SOS messages, exhibiting self-soothing behaviours and reading a script.
She addressed a suspected secret message in Saturday's video: "The second question that you guys have been asking me is basically what does the red refrigerator mean?"
Fans have theorised a picture of a red fridge the singer posted to her Instagram with the caption "RED" could be a secret plea for help.

Britney Spears Answers Fan Question If She's Happy – See Her Answer | Britney Spears

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Britney Spears Answers Fan Question If She’s Happy – See Her Answer Britney Spears is updating fans on how she's feeling lately. In a brand new Instagram video, the 39-year-old star took some time to answer a few questions her…

1999: Reeling In The Years

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Updated / Thursday, 15 Apr 2021
Bono and Gay Byrne on Gay's final Late Late Show
500,000 people buy Telecom Eireann shares in July, while the sun disappears across most of Europe during a solar eclipse in August, and at MTV Europe's Music Awards in November, the stars come out at the Point Depot.
We need your consent to load this rte-player contentWe use rte-player to manage extra content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activity. Please review their details and accept them to load the content.Manage Preferences
An RTÉ News report on the MTV Europe Music Awards, broadcast on 4 October 1999 (via RTÉ Archives)

Britney Spears tells fans she is 'totally fine' and 'extremely happy' in latest Instagram video

The singer's video comes amid an ongoing battle concerning her conservatorship and control of her assets, both of which her father, Jamie Spears, is currently fighting to maintain.

Britney Spears says she is 'happy' amidst rising concerns about her mental health

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Britney Spears was spotted recently out and about in Malibu in disguise

Britney Spears Makes Rare Public Appearance, Going on Shopping Spree in Malibu, Report Says

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Announcing High Flying Martha's Vineyard: An Aerial Arts + Yoga Retreat

Announcing High Flying Martha’s Vineyard: An Aerial Arts + Yoga Retreat
Oops, I did it again — I inappropriately shoe-horned Britney Spears lyrics into a blog post about an upcoming retreat! But
also, I released another 2021 retreat after claiming that Wander Women Hudson Valley would be our last release for the year. Recently, we made the difficult decisions to postpone all three Isreal retreats we had originally planned for 2020, and then delayed to 2021 — and now have had to
again push to 2022.
My heart ached. But my amazing friend, aerial inspiration and retreat partner Brenna Bradbury, who I created two out of the three Israel retreats with, inspired me to think closer to home. So many of our guests were as bummed as we were to give up their Memorial Day plans. So, we dug deep and whipped something up in record time: High Flying Martha’s Vineyard, a Memorial Day escape from May 28-31, 2021!

These 25 Music Stars Can Basically Thank Reality TV for Their Entire Careers

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. IYKYK.

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