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Love Island U.K. Week Four Recap, Season 7 Episodes 21-26

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Barry Du Bois announces he's running for federal parliament

'This new chapter of my life means so much to me. You guys have supported me through the best and the worst of the last decade of my life, I hope to have you on board,' he continued. 
Barry, who is living with an incurable form of cancer, told The Sunday Telegraph that he's been 'dabbling with the thought of politics for a while'. 
'I'm super proud to announce one of the most important challenges I've ever taken on': Announcing the news via Instagram on Sunday, the father-of-two uploaded a promotional video for his campaign alongside a heartfelt caption about his political aspirations

Diddy - Dirty Money : Last Train to Paris

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Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today we revisit Sean “Diddy” Combs’ 2010 side project: a dark and stormy concept album about one man’s transit through love.
The act of adopting a new nickname has become an astrological event for the artist-producer born Sean Combs. He got the name Puffy from a childhood friend who said a young Combs would huff and puff when he was mad; of course, this was before the Puff Daddy moniker became synonymous with happy new-money raps and wealth. Then came his first major rebrand: In 2001, he changed his alias to P. Diddy fresh after a breakup with Jennifer Lopez and a very public trial where he was acquitted on gun charges. Four years later, he was just Diddy, having dropped the “P” because, as he said, it was getting between him and his fans.

Love Island LIVE: Casa Amor set for epic return as relationship-busting villa revealed

Love Island LIVE: Casa Amor set for epic return as relationship-busting villa revealed
Updated: 1:00, 24 Jul 2021
LOVE Island fans were rejoicing on their sofas as it was revealed the show's relationship-busting Casa Amor is making a comeback.
ITV2 bosses have been frantically trying to finish the spin-off villa in a bid to spice up the series with more drama between the couples.
The Sun told last month how it had been decided that the second villa would not be making a comeback, much to the despair of fans.
But tonight viewers celebrated the big reveal of Casa Amor, which is sure to test whether or not anyone's head can be turned by sexy new arrivals.

Betty Harlane Lehman

Mother, wife, friend, homemaker, artist, caring community member—these are just a few of the ways to describe Betty Harlane Lehman, who left this world on Saturday, July 17, 2021, surrounded by friends and family. Betty was 79.
Born Jan. 2, 1942, in Drakesboro, Betty was the daughter of the late Harlan Hope and the late Elizabeth Hope. Betty married Charles B. “Goober” Lehman and had two daughters, Beth Lehman Morrell (Tim) of Nashville, Tenn., and Dawn Lehman Kopra, (Tim) of League City, Texas. She had two beloved grandchildren and was always ready with a story about Jacqueline Elizabeth Kopra of New York, New York, and Matthew Charles Kopra of Georgetown, Texas. Betty’s loving sister Fredia Brown (Ed) of Bardstown, Ky., also survives her as well as Betty’s niece and nephew, Robyn Brown and Chris Brown (Jamie), and her five great-nephews.

Listen To Win Your Way To The Daytime Stage At Our iHeartRadio Music Festival Presented By Samsung Galaxy | Hot 98.3

Hot 98.3 is Tucson's #1 For Hip Hop. Playing all the hottest hip hop and r&b from Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Future, French Montana, The Weeknd, Rihanna, Migos, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Drake, Rae Sremmurd, Chance The Rapper, Tory Lanez and more! Listen live on our free iHeartRadio app!.

Rwandan stars step into pop music scene

Rwandan stars step into pop music scene
Friday July 23 2021
Kriss Espoir's “Gemini” comes highly recommended for music fans seeking to explore a very interesting, but largely low-key scene in neighboring Rwanda.
To the ear listening to the new Rwandan pop music for the first time, the collaborations serve as an introduction to the new generation of musicians.
Those fans who have gotten used to his rough edge, street-wise style may be surprised at the evolution of Olamide into a smooth rhyming, pop artist on his new album “UY Scuti”.
Something exciting is happening on the African pop music scene with new offerings from Rwanda and Nigeria being this month’s stand-outs. It’s no surprise that something fresh is coming from Nigeria, arguably Africa’s biggest music production studio.

Macca's, DDB Sydney and OMD named $1M winners in Nine's 2021 State of Originality Competition

July 23 2021, 9:17 am | BY Ricki Green | 2 Comments
McDonald’s is the winner of the biggest prize in Australian advertising, along with its agencies DDB Sydney and OMD: $1 million worth of inventory as the winners of Nine’s State of Originality competition.
Determined by an all-star judging panel and the Australian public, Nine’s State of Originality challenged brands and agencies to take the platform of State of Origin and create unmissable ads that captured the attention of the millions of viewers watching each round of the series.
The winning McDonald’s ad, “End of Night”, celebrates a part of the footy seldom shown: the period several hours after the big game. We follow a street sweeper driving around the city late at night as fans, revellers, commentators and Origin greats make their way home with one thing in common: a hunger for Macca’s.

McDonald's campaign by DDB wins Nine's State of Originality

July 23, 2021 8:42
DDB’s ‘End Of Night’ campaign for McDonald’s has taken out Nine’s inaugural State of Originality competition, winning the prize of $1 million in advertising inventory across Nine’s assets.
The campaign ran in two versions across New South Wales and Queensland during State of Origin 2021, with OMD looking after media for the campaign.
Nine’s all-star judging panel, alongside the Australian public, voted to name the McDonald’s campaign the winner. Nine director of Powered, Liana Dubois, said: “My sincere congratulations go to McDonald’s and their agencies, DDB and OMD.
“They took up both the challenge and opportunity in State of Originality to produce some great work that showcases the power of original storytelling, beautifully executed and delivered within the right context.

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