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a crevasse to enter port a after five european union countries agreed to accept the one hundred and forty one refugees on board the ship the dns a four day standoff that kept the ship at sea the refugees will be distributed to france germany spain portugal and luxembourg. in ecuador at least twenty three people were killed in a high. high speed bus crash east of the capital quito another nine thousand people were injured is the second major bus crash in two days twelve people died on sunday when a bus carrying soccer fans overturned in the south of the country. south korea has marked its first memorial day for women and girls forced to work as sex slaves by japanese forces before and during the second world war officially unveiled a monument to the so-called comfort women in the city of cio not on the issue of reparations for the women has caused tensions between the two countries.

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comcast business. built for business. breaking news from the fox news desk, a terrible bus crash east of knoxville, tennessee on the road to ashville. we're waiting for video and new information, whoecen we get it, we'll bring it to you. well, if the president wanted to have a meeting on strengthening neighborhoods after ferguson, why didn't he invite my next guest, literally trying to rebuild in ferguson. dennis anderson lost everything when her antique store was torched to the ground during last wreeek's riot. how are you holding up, denise? >> thing are getting better, i went and talked to some people, you all called me and you heard

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