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Wie ein kleines Heim die Pflege bei Demenz revolutioniert

Kuchen statt Medikamente, Berührung statt Einsamkeit: Ein Pflegeheim in Dänemark macht vieles anders im Umgang mit Demenzkranken. Ein Dokumentarfilm erzählt die Geschichte der kleinen Gemeinschaft.

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Doctor gets life ban for using doping test lookalikes

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — A doctor from Moldova has been banned from sports for life for arranging for lookalikes to give drug testing samples under the names of real weightlifters heading for the world championships.

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陸上=スポーツ仲裁裁、米コーチの資格停止処分支持 薬物違反で


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Track coach Salazar's 4-year doping ban upheld by CAS

Track coach Alberto Salazar received no relief from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which upheld his four-year ban for a series of doping-related violations that had long been pursued by American regulators.

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Doping | Tas conferma la squalifica di 4 anni all'ex allenatore di Mo Farah

Niente da fare per Alberto Salazar. Il Tribunale di arbitrato per lo sport di Losanna ha confermato la squalifica di quattro anni per l’allenatore di atletica ...

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Louisianas Krankenhäuser zu voll für Evakuierung

Hurrikan Ida zieht auf die US-Golfküste zu, aber ausgerechnet die Kliniken in Küstennähe können nicht evakuiert werden. Denn Louisiana und seine Kliniken ächzen unter der Corona-Pandemie.

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Yunanistan'ın doping akreditasyonları iptal edildi

Uluslararası Anti-Doping Ajansı (WADA), uluslararası standartlara uymadığı gerekçesiyle Atina Doping Kontrol Laboratuvarının akreditasyonlarını iptal ettiğini duyurdu.

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Schwerin kippt Maskenpflicht an Schulen, andere Länder zögern

Die Bundesländer setzen bei der Pandemie-Bekämpfung in Schulen unterschiedliche Akzente. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern setzt beispielsweise die Maskenpflicht im Unterricht aus.

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COMMENT: CJ Ujah's suspension could be one of the bleakest moments in Britain's Olympic history

COMMENT: After the shock and exhilaration of silver comes the shock and shame of a doping investigation. An investigation is ongoing after CJ Ujah was suspended.

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Doping | Gran Bretagna rischia di perdere argento nella staffetta 4x100

La Gran Bretagna rischia di perdere l'argento nella staffetta 4x100 conquistata a Tokyo alle spalle dell'Italia. L'antiDoping ha avviato un procedimento ...

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Doping alle Olimpiadi | gli inglesi a rischio squalifica E Jacobs li deride

L'inglese è stato posto sotto inchiesta e prima di arrivare a una sentenza definitiva sarà necessario effettuare successivi ...

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Sprinter Inggris Raya Peraih Perak Olimpiade Positif Doping

Inggris Raya terancam kehilangan satu medali perak di Olimpiade Tokyo setelah sprinter Chijindu Ujah yang turun di nomor estafet 4 x 100m putra positif doping.

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Tokyo Olympics: Italy sprinter Lamont Marcell Jacobs admits CJ Ujah's positive test 'makes me smile'

Lamont Marcell Jacobs was the shock winner of the 100m in Tokyo - setting a European record of 9.80 seconds in the final - and then followed that up with a gold medal in the 4x100m relay.

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Veldrijdster Katie Compton stopt na positieve dopingtest

Veldrijdster Katie Compton, vier keer vicewereldkampioene, heeft haar loopbaan beëindigd. Dat doet de 42-jarige Amerikaanse na een positieve dopingtest, di...

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Stiftung Gesundheit: Dr. Peter Müller gibt Vorstandsvorsitz ab

Der frühere Medizinjournalist Dr. Müller ist seit Jahren das Gesicht der Stiftung Gesundheit. Jetzt hat er seinen Posten als Vorstandschef aufgegeben, weil er seinen eigenen Regeln folgen muss.

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Ronald Rauhe of Germany wins medal in 5th Olympics

TOKYO (AP) — Ronald Rauhe of Germany set an Olympic canoe sprint milestone Saturday, and Lisa Carrington of New Zealand just missed another in her otherwise splendid Tokyo Games. And Serghei Tarnovschi of Moldova, who was stripped of his bronze medal in 2016 because of a positive doping test, benefitted from the yearlong delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic to return to the Olympics and win another medal.

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