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Analysis-Asian high-yield bond issuers feel Evergrande pain

Global investors will probably demand more protection from riskier bond issuers in China and Asia by seeking higher returns and more transparency as a

U.S.' Blinken urges China to act responsibly in Evergra

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the U.S. wants China to act "responsibly" when it comes to addressing the potential impacts of C

Chinese Property Shares Tumble Amid Fears of Evergrande 'Contagion'

The impending collapse of the Evergrande Group real estate company causes a tumble at the stock market for other Chinese developers.

Evergrande shareholder Chinese Estates' stock soars on take-private offer

Shares of Chinese Estates Holdings, a former major shareholder of embattled developer China Evergrande, jumped as much as 32% on Thursday after it announced an offer to be taken private for HK$1.91 billion ($245 million).

Hong Kong Property Agencies Suing Evergrande to Recover Commissions

HONG KONG—Two Hong Kong property agencies are suing heavily indebted China Evergrande Group over unpaid commissions, according to ...

The Evergrande crisis has some Chinese millennials 'doom-scrolling' about financial collapse and questioning whether they'll ever be able to buy their own homes

Evergrande has 800 development projects across China, many of which paused construction work this summer. The sight of empty ghost-towns of unfinished

China's mounting woes will hit global economy

In recent weeks, China has witnessed distressing woes ranging from severe power breakdowns, the meltdown of real estate developer Evergrande, and a sharp fall in the market value of technology, education, and real estate companies due to regulatory actions. These sudden shocks have caused considerable distress to people and the industry in several provinces of China, hitting

Trading of Evergrande shares HALTED as Ponzi collapse spreads, bond holders left as bag holders

A few days ago, the Chinese government halted all trading of Evergrande (HKG:03333) stock, claiming that the move is necessary in order to "restructure" the failing developer. Massive [...]

China's Property Sector Default Woes Deepen Amid Evergrande Disquiet

HONG KONG/LONDON—Growing worries about defaults at Chinese property developers triggered a rout in their shares and bonds on ...

Fantasia downgraded to default status by rating companies as Chinese property sector crisis worsens

Missed debt payment by developer Fantasia Holdings Group this week adds to China property sector concerns spawned by Evergrande’s liquidity crisis.

Korean financial firms suffer limited impact from Evergrande shock

Korean financial firms suffer limited impact from Evergrande shock

China Economic Collapse: After Evergrande, Fantasia Next?

The possible failure of one of China's largest borrowers has voiced concerns about contagion risks to the world's second-largest economy's property sector, as its debt-laden peers face rating downgrades due to approaching defaults.

A Made-in-China Financial Crisis? by Paola Subacchi

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, the Chinese financial system has grown to become systemically important. Yet it is not clear that the international financial safety net has the resources to protect the world from the associated risks.

Blinken Tells China to 'Act Responsibly' in Evergrande Crisis

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has urged China to “act responsibly” in handling the debt crisis of real ...

Evergrande to raise US$5bil from unit sale

Developer requests for trading halt

Stock bears dominate Hong Kong market amid hidden debt, default concerns while tech index slumps

Growing concerns about hidden debt and widening default among Chinese developers are pressuring the market with the Hang Seng Index trading near a one-year low.

Female Evergrande Staff Danced to Entertain Clients at a Property Showroom

Three female staff members were seen dancing in short skirts in front of a display at one of Evergrande's property showrooms.

Debt-Ridden Evergrande Wanted to Beat Tesla, but It Hasn't Sold a Single Car

Evergrande Auto once commanded a valuation higher than Ford's, but its share price has now plunged 96%, and it may never sell a single car.

Evergrande trading suspended as major announcement awaited

Chinese property giant Evergrande's shares have been suspended as investors await a statement about its future, the BBC reported.

Evergrande's Most Bizarre Holdings? Amusement Parks All Over China

Real estate giant Evergrande has been building 15 amusement park projects across China, dubbed "Fairyland," that are meant to rival Disneyland.

Coal Shortage Crisis:15 Of 135 Power Plants Have Zero Days Of Stock

Concerns on coal have also come from political quarters, as Power Minister RK Singh describes the situation as "touch and go"

Explained: India's Coal Supplies Are Running Dangerously Low

Concerns on coal have also come from political quarters, as Power Minister RK Singh describes the situation as "touch and go"

Is Evergrande too big to fail?

This series looks at the Evergrande crisis and what next for the Chinese property developer and home builder and its chairman, real estate magnate Hui Ka-yan.

China Evergrande crisis casts shadow on Chinese real estate sector's outstanding US$232 billion offshore bonds, Fitch says

Investors in Chinese real estate sector bonds face a number of headwinds, with a potential default at China Evergrande and uncertainties linked to its US$11.9 billion bonds coming due in the next two years clouding the outlook for the sector’s outstanding US$232 billion cross-border bonds, Fitch Ratings said.

Evergrande set to offload a majority stake to state-backed peer

China’s ailing Evergrande looks set to exchange a majority stake in its property management arm for US$5 billion. Chinese media are reporting the likely sale of a 51 per cent stake in Evergrande’

Chinese Developer Misses Payment Amid Deepening Housing Market Woes

A midsize Chinese property developer’s failure to make over $300 million in payments to lenders is deepening fears ...

Trading of Evergrande Halted on Hong Kong Exchange

Shares of its unit Evergrande Property Services Group were also suspended, according to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Share trading in debt-ridden Evergrande halted in Hong Kong

With liabilities stretching into hundreds of billions of dollars, equal to 2% of China's gross domestic product, Evergrande has sparked concerns its woes could spread through the financial system and reverberate around the world

Evergrande: Share trading stops ahead of major announcement | News | DW

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange did not say why it has suspended trading in Evergrande shares, but there is speculation that another major developer may buy out the company's property management unit.

China's troubled Evergrande Group's shares suspended in Hong Kong amid stake sale talk

Speculation mounts that troubled developer could be getting some help

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