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The quest to make genuinely cheesy dairy-free cheese

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Thursday 8 April 2021
The dairy-free cheese fridge at your local health food store could stand as a monument to the human capacity for both boundless creativity and self-deception. Roam its chilled confines and you might find ersatz cashew-nut camembert or blue-veined wedges of coconut-derived faux stilton. There may be pale logs of rice starch mozzarella, or chickpea flour formed into a ridged truckle of imitation parmesan. These products point to an ever-expanding galaxy of choices and a buoyant industry where, according to The Good Food Institute, sales grew by 18 per cent in the US in 2019 (compared with just one per cent growth for traditional animal-derived cheese). There is a revolution underway; an artisanal boom in plant-based fermentation far better than what was available even a decade ago. And forecasts predict the global vegan cheese market to almost triple in worth, to $7 billion (£5.1 billion), by 2030.

Plant-based food worth $7B in 2020, posting 27% growth

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Dive Brief:
Plant-based food retail sales were worth $7 billion in 2020, posting a 27% growth rate overall for products that specifically replace animal-derived options, according to SPINS data released by the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA). A total of 57% of U.S. households purchased plant-based food in 2020, up from 53% in 2019.
Plant-based meat had $1.4 billion in sales, growing 45% overall compared to 2019 and making up 2.7% of all U.S. retail packaged meat sales. Refrigerated plant-based meat sales saw the highest growth percentage, up 75% in 2020.
The coronavirus pandemic brought on a boom in plant-based sales in 2020, as consumers looked for products they thought were better for them — or discovered the brands on store shelves as many conventional meat producers faced production challenges.

Plant-based dairy, egg product sales reach $4b in 2020

Jan 04, 2021
Market research firm Packaged Facts projects retail sales of plant-based dairy and egg products will rise at an average annual rate of 6.0%, reaching $5.2 billion by 2024. This is up from $4.3 billion in estimated sales in 2020, which itself is up from $3.9 billion in sales during 2019.
These findings were published in the brand new Packaged Facts report “Dairy & Egg Alternatives: Outlook for Plant-Based & Cell-Cultured Consumer Products.”
Despite potential industry disruptors such as the lingering economic impact of the coronavirus, Packaged Facts found that growth in the market for plant-based and cell-cultured dairy and egg alternatives will continue due to:
new product introductions and increasing availability, particularly in smaller non-milk categories rising consumer adoption

Plant-Based Dairy and Egg Product Sales Reach $4 Billion in 2020, reports Packaged Facts

new product introductions and increasing availability, particularly in smaller non-milk categories
rising consumer adoption
upward momentum of consumption of these products among those who already eat plant-based dairy or eggs
In 2020, producers are placing focus on investing in better technology and improving economies of scale to make plant-based dairy and eggs more affordable to general consumers. As the prices of these products decrease over the 2019-2024 forecast period and more closely approach the price of conventional dairy and egg products, volume consumption is expected to increase significantly with rising adoption among general consumers as well as higher consumption of these products among plant-based dairy and egg eaters.

4 reasons plant-based milk will keep growing after the pandemic

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A year ago, plant-based dairy was a hot trend that showed solid growth and promise for the future.
Now, amid a pandemic, new innovation and an extremely popular newer entrant to the market, plant-based dairy is on fire. Since stay-at-home orders were issued in mid-March, sales have skyrocketed, spiking at 75.3% sales growth the week of March 15, and 58% total growth the week of March 22, according to statistics from SPINS.
Sales have modulated somewhat, but the growth rate has stayed quite high across the segment
, SPINS statistics show. In the first week of October, the growth rate had slowed to a still large 17.2%.

Beyond Meat Rival Impossible Foods Is Developing Plant-Based Milk

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Author Bio
Rhian Hunt grew up in a crowded Connecticut suburb before moving to Wisconsin, where he enjoys being an outdoorsman, relishing the struggle against mountainous snowfalls during the eternal-seeming winters and aerial armadas of mosquitoes over the summer. Rhian studied Business Economics and Microeconomics at the University of Wisconsin. A lifelong interest in writing led to first professional freelancing, then becoming a Motley Fool author.
Impossible Foods, the privately held chief rival to plant-based meat manufacturer
Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND), said on Tuesday it's working on developing plant-based milk for its animal-free product lineup. According to press conference statements quoted by Engadget, the company's Impossible Milk has culinary properties close to or identical with cow's milk, rather than simply being a standard nut or soy milk.

Impossible Milk May Soon Be Coming To A Latte Near You

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Impossible Milk May Soon Be Coming To A Latte Near You
The makers of the Impossible Burger are testing a milk product that tastes like the real thing.
Jonathan Small
Got milk? If you're like a growing number of people, the stuff you put in your coffee or your cereal comes from plants —like almonds, soy, rice or oats — and not from cows. But there's just one problem: These plant-based milks don't taste or act like their dairy doppelganger.
Impossible Foods, the company that brought you the Impossible Burger, Pork and Sausage, is working on a prototype of cow's milk. Earlier this week, the company's CEO and Founder, Dr. Patrick O. Brown, announced that they would be bringing on more than 100 scientists in the next 12 months as part of their Impossible Investigator program.

Impossible Foods is Developing Plant-based Milk to Taste and Function like Cow's Milk

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Impossible Foods plans to jump into the plant-based milk industry, continuing its mission to eliminate animal agriculture which is driving the climate crisis.
Now the plant-based industry leader is expanding into the plant-based milk world which is a nearly $2 billion market.
Impossible Milk, according to the company, will not be just another soy milk or nut-based milk alternative, but will instead function and behave just like cow’s milk including similar texture, mouthfeel, and flavor to the dairy counterpart. Impossible Foods hasn’t given a timeline for launching Impossible Milk as it still remains in R&D labs.

Impossible Foods recruits scientists to double R&D department in 12 months

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At the Tuesday morning press conference, Pat Brown was speaking as if the world were on fire.
As the founder and CEO of Impossible Foods talked to journalists, industry groups and analysts on the Zoom call, a video loop of the Amazon rainforest burning played behind him. Brown, a career scientist and passionate evangelist for replacing animal-derived food with convincing substitutes from plants, was crusading for the company's
 newest project: Getting career scientists to leave behind whatever they are doing and start working for him.
"Scientists and engineers, we want you," Brown said. "The most important scientific and engineering problem in human history. A great environment, great resources, great colleagues. You can't beat it, OK? Leave your stupid job and come join us."

Impossible Foods seeks to double size of R&D team, provides glimpse of work on Impossible Milk and egg alternatives

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Impossible Foods seeks to double size of R&D team, provides glimpse of work on Impossible Milk and egg alternatives
By Elaine Watson
It’s not sharing launch dates, but Impossible Foods is making progress on developing egg alternatives and a milk that “is better than anything that comes from a cow,” company execs told reporters during a call outlining plans to double the size of the R&D team over the next 12 months.
Founder and CEO Dr Pat Brown explained: “
For people that love the full experience of milk… the taste, the aroma, the texture, the plant-based milks that are out there are inadequate. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be dairy cows anymore.​

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