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Sundays are for indulging in a Walkers grab bag. Before you reach in, let's read this week's best writing about games (and game related things).

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The Impossible Quiz was packed with trick questions

The classic Flash quiz game from Glenn Rhodes played by its own rules, which often meant the puzzles were more about figuring out those rules than having extensive trivia knowledge.

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Demonoid is launched with a huge catalog of games genre

Demonoid is launched with a huge catalog of games genre
There are so many games available to choose from when it comes to the catalogue from
Demonoid is launched with a huge catalog of games genre
Updated: Apr 14, 2021, 01:40 PM IST
Old and classic games are pretty much like wine: the older they are, the better. Before we became great at playing Call of Duty, Sniper Elite, Red Dead Redemption, or Far Cry, many of us were in love with classic titles such as Crossword, Tetris, or Sudoku. The new online cloud gaming platform from wants to prove to us all that such games aren’t dead, and they are so right!

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Demonoid Beta is Here! Here's What To Expect

Many more exciting games to come!
Arcade games are also there for the user to enjoy.
Who doesn't like online gaming? The effort of installing and running a game on PC can be unbearable sometimes, and that's why you should head over to! The website just released the beta version of its cloud gaming platform, and the team behind this achievement is extremely excited about the release.
The development team has been working tirelessly for the last months to bring to the users "the best online gaming experience". Cloud gaming has been through an increase in popularity in recent years with services such as GeForce Now, Google Stadia, or Microsoft xCloud. is also proud to offer cloud gaming! Many games to choose from.

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