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School children are being 'sacrificed to neo-Marxist' agenda: Rowan Dean

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School children are being ‘sacrificed to neo-Marxist’ agenda: Rowan Dean25/04/2021|2min
Sky News host Rowan Dean says children are being “sacrificed to the neo-Marxist” agenda permeating progressive schools throughout the country.
It comes as the Lindfield Learning Village, a progressive experimental school in Sydney, has come under fire as students were taught to paint posters detailing the Black Lives Matter movement and “killer cops”.
“Our children are being sacrificed on this neo-Marxist alter and it has to stop,” Mr Dean said.
“Where is the government? Where is the leadership putting their foot down saying ‘no more’.”

NSW Police minister takes aim at school

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Spurred on by One Nation’s Mark Latham and the Sydney tabloid media, the NSW Police minister has accused a popular north shore school of condoning ‘anti-police propaganda’.
Osman Faruqi.
NSW Minister for Police David Elliott.
Credit: AAP / Joel Carrett
On Wednesday morning, as Australians were waking to news of the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin – the police officer whose murder of George Floyd last year sparked a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement – New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott was in the middle of his own media blitz about BLM.
Elliott wasn’t, however, commenting on the outcome in the Chauvin trial. Nor was he reflecting on the demands of the movement in Australia – demands that became even more urgent following the death of five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody in a six-week period earlier this year.

Sydney Principal reveals why school saw kids making Black Lives Matter posters police calling 'pigs'

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Principal apologises to parents and police for Black Lives Matter posters in class 
Students at Lindfield Learning Village in Sydney's north made BLM placards 
The posters featured the words 'stop killer cops' and 'pigs out of the country' 
Principal says exercise was for students to identify things they'd seen in news
NSW Police Minister David Elliott said the teacher of the class should be sacked 

Police Minister David Elliott calls for teacher to be sacked over Black Lives Matter posters

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The Daily Telegraph reported.
Asked by 2GB host Ben Fordham on Wednesday whether he thought the teacher should be sacked, Mr Elliott replied: “I do.”
“It’s been a wide call from the community this morning and overnight,” he said. “The headmistress, [principal] Stephanie McConnell, in my view should be fronting the media today and explaining why taxpayers’ dollars are being spent to educate children in this manner.”
I can’t believe we’ve got these left-wing teachers out there acting racist themselves by saying white lives don’t matter. Well, they do. Everybody matters.
NSW Police Minister David Elliot

Inquiry into 'alternative' school where students made Black Lives Matter posters

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An inquiry has been launched into a new state school which allowed students to make anti-police posters that called officers 'pigs'.
Students in Years 5 and 6 at Lindfield Learning Village on Sydney's north shore made placards with the words 'stop killer cops' and 'pigs out of the country', slogans which have featured in the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. 
Other alarming posters read: 'white lives matter too much' and 'you can't silence the speechless'. 
Lindfield Learning Village (pictured) on Sydney's north shore has no uniform
Lindfield Learning Village, which opened in January 2019, accepts children from kindergarten to year 12
This was one of the posters made by the students at Lindfield Learning Village in Sydney's north

Australia news live: NSW to pay Chinese company Shenhua $100m to exit coalmine; Victoria to make mRNA Covid vaccine | Health

The federal department of health has commented on the man in Brisbane who went to hospital after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. It says:
“The department of health’s Vaccine Operations Centre [VOC] is aware of reports of an adverse event following immunisation in Queensland. The VOC is working closely with QLD Health to investigate these reports.The department of health does not comment publicly on details of individual adverse event following immunisation reports submitted to the TGA, in order to protect patient confidentiality.
“We take all reports of adverse reactions very seriously and they are reviewed through the appropriate channels.

How pictures of BLM posters on a classroom ceiling ignited a media storm

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How pictures of BLM posters on a classroom ceiling ignited a media storm
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In February, students in years 5 and 6 at Lindfield Learning Village, an unorthodox public school on Sydney’s upper north shore, began a history unit on freedom and rights in Australia. Their teacher asked them to create posters reflecting what they already knew - from the media, perhaps, or their parents - about some key moments in recent Indigenous history.
One created a Black Lives Matter poster. Another poster read ‘stop killer cops’, with ‘pigs out of the country’ written underneath. A picture of the posters, taken by a visitor, ran in

Australia School Blasted for Having Students Make Anti-Police, White Supremacy Signs: 'White Lives Matter Too Much'

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Australia School Blasted for Having Students Make Anti-Police, White Supremacy Signs: 'White Lives Matter Too Much'
On 4/21/21 at 3:56 PM EDT
Australian education officials announced on Tuesday they would conduct an internal review of a primary school after it was discovered that students had created and displayed posters denouncing police and white supremacy.
"Any teacher found to be politicising a classroom will face disciplinary action," New South Wales (NSW) Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said in a statement announcing the investigation, according to
The Australian. "Political activism has no place in a school."
The posters were hung in classrooms at an alternative school in NSW, Lindfield Learning Village, featuring phrases such as "white lives matter too much," "stop killer cops," and "Pigs out of the country."

'Unlearning what school is': Why this public school is like no other

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'Unlearning what school is': Why this public school is like no other
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'Unlearning what school is': Why this public school is like no other
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In one corner of the entrance hall, children play a grand piano. In another, they watch koi swim around a glass-walled fish pond. And over on vintage leather couches at the cafe, teenagers play chess and cards.
At this government school unlike any other, there are no uniforms. Students address teachers by their first names. While the school supports “learning beyond the school day”, it does not use the term homework.

Sydney architecture: From Binis to Olympic loos, architects reveal their favourite buildings

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Today they look sad and stained, but the 1970s inflatable concrete domes known as Binishells that were "blown up" to create low-cost Sydney classrooms heralded the space age while paying homage to the great domes of Europe.
To former NSW state architect Peter Poulet the Binis represented the optimism of the 1960s and '70s. "This is sputnik,
Star Trek and the lunar landing rolled into one. It's why I wanted to be an astronaut but ended up an architect," he said.
Only six of the original 15 Bini groups survive and some are being considered for listing by the Heritage Council of NSW.

AAA looks at the Ku-ring-Gai CAE campus | Architecture & Design

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Tone Wheeler
The are many ways for a building to sit lightly in the landscape, but heavy forms of robust concrete are not one of them. After visiting the former Ku-ring-gai CAE campus, now Lindfield Learning Village, you might not be so sure.
In a 1971 issue of
Architecture in Australia, the educational facility was lauded as among the most exciting and successful works of architecture in Sydney in recent years, “
But it is not a building which merges with its environment. The bold sculptural forms of board marked concrete contrast vividly with it”.
But stopping short of carving classrooms and libraries out of the rockface itself, it is “gumtree brutalism” that nestles into the landscape as well as any. In parts a transplant in, in others an extension of, the rocky outcrop of the site. No small task for a building with a floor area of almost 29,000sqm.

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