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PDC Energy Announces Unanimous Approval of The Guanella Comprehensive Area Plan Adding Clear Line of Sight for Sustainable Long-Term Colorado Development Activities

PDC Energy, Inc. (“PDC” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: PDCE) announced today that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (“COGCC”) unanimously approved,

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PDC*line Pharma Presents First Immunological Results From Phase I/II Trial With PDC*lung01 at ESMO-IO 2022

Treatment with PDC*lung01 induces anti-tumor immune response in significant number of patients which appears to be enhanced by combination with pembrolizumab PDC*line Pharma, a clinical stage biotech

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princess of wales. i spoke to them yesterday and said by the way did they come to you? did netflix come to you for right of reply and they said no. and then this statement comes up saying, "we approach buckingham palace and the royal family." right at the start!— right at the start! they did not reply- _ right at the start! they did not reply. again _ right at the start! they did not reply. again the - right at the start! they did not reply. again the line i right at the start! they did i not reply. again the line came out from buckingham palace later, "no, we did not get approach." then, subsequently came another statement saying, "well, what happened was for kensington palace and buckingham palace that they got an e—mailfrom buckingham palace that they got an e—mail from what they described as a third—party production company which had nothing to do with netflix all arch well, saying that you want to reply?" they then got in touch with netflix and said, "you know, is this something to do with you?" they got they said no reply from either of them and that was that. so, it is a slightly complicated tale but essentially if you are making this kind of story and

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The ReidOut

to delay for months at a time in the ways that merrick garland's doj actually did. there is something positive to be gleaned from that. the second thing i find to be very interesting and almost comical is how we got here. we got here because trump's own attorneys are not willing to attest to the fact that their client has done what his client was supposed to actually do. there is no one on trump's legal team who is willing to step forward and be a custodian of documents and certify with their license on the line that what they are saying and attesting to is true, and that says a lot about the lack of confidence they have in their own client. >> so charles, i'm very curious about that because when it comes to trump's legal team, right, if you have, look, lawyers sometimes know they have corrupt clients. whether your lawyer is jackie childs or procter from power, you know when you're representing someone who is a little shady from time to time. the more i am seeing in this, is it clear that trump's lawyers are as crooked as he is or are

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All In With Chris Hayes

but was arrested back in 2008 after trying to sell cash for weapons or many thought or colombia revolutionaries. he said they wanted to use the guns to kill u.s. citizens. he served 11 years, 25 year sentence here in this country. when charges which included conspiracy to kill americans. the deal comes at a particularly perilous time, of course, for u.s. russian diplomacy. griner was arrested one week before russia invaded ukraine. the biden administration found itself in the unenviable position of negotiating her release while also trying a hard line against russia for its geopolitical belligerence. the white house was hoping to negotiate a deal that also included the release of another american, paul whelan, an american security executive serving 16 years in russian prison on charges of spying which the u.s. denies. well, russia would not agree to her release. nor did the deal secure the release of mark vogel, pennsylvania teacher currently serving a 14 year sentence in a russian penal colony for similar charges of bringing medical marijuana into the country. unlike griner, whelan, the --

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Anderson Cooper 360

it's a lot bigger than many people think. we've been looking into this. basically, since 2020, since we had that really large demo here in berlin where very nearly the parliament was stormed. it was almost like january 6th, except german cops actually stopped them from getting in. and there are social scientists who believe there are over 200,000 followers of qanon here in this country, and once again, those groups are all linked conspiracy theorists, and a lot of them have that right wing background, right wingers in their ranks as well. the german government, you know, over the past couple of days since this has taken place, they have said, they believe that of course democracy in this country, like in the u.s., can be frail, and that's why right now they're saying they are going to take this hard line against groups like this to make sure that democracy is kept safe here in germany. >> fred pleitgen, thank you. there has been a lot of anticipation online about the new docuseries of prince harry and meghan.

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Anderson Cooper 360

rather than picking wrap-up he left off. >> any chance he would get involved with the war in ukraine? >> to be honest, russia's problems there, i think are quite significantly advanced at the return of one individual with better arms contacts could possibly turn that around. hard to say. he certainly carries a lot i think of mythological almost weight amongst the russian elite. that may be one reason why vladimir putin wanted to bring him back, to kind of show that moscow was able to do things for those intelligence and military professionals who put themselves on the line for russia. that may have some possible influence, maybe. and remember too, this is the u.s. and russia, anderson, talking in a reasonably balanced fashion, negotiating while u.s. is busy supplying ukraine with weapons that are killing russian soldiers and russia is busy killing ukrainian civilians. there is a lot of tension in the air, but this was dealt with quite practically, and that's potentially a good sign for maybe peace negotiations or certainly the capacity to calm down misunderstandings in the months and years ahead between

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All In With Chris Hayes

professional reputation. >> i also to say as someone who has, harry, skated remarkably close to the line of overall criminal conduct over the years, not that there has not been criminal conduct. there is good evidence there has been. but prosecutable over cases, what he has done with documents here is just a deranged. the constant lying, the constant ignoring lawyers, not giving it over, mine, mine, mine. up to possible contempt of court, possibly getting an indictment over it, this is just illogical extreme at the entire trajectory of this whole story. >> that's it, it's the ranged but as this sort of exquisite quality about donald trump, because what's happening is that even the small thing has fault lines that all go to what donald trump dishonesty. everywhere you look, that infects things, even through the simple act. i want to stress, this happens

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

first accounts of the prisoner swap with russia said it was a choice. earlier today, andrea mitchell of nbc, this is somebody who has been in washington covering news for more than 50 years, someone who is deeply supportive of the joe biden administration, contributed to a story that contained this line. "the kremlin gave the white house the choice of either griner or whelan or none." so mitchell's piece attributed to a senior u.s. official, it was not a guess, it was sourced. and then, as with the earlier reporting on paul pelosi last month, that account was scrubbed. the kremlin ultimately gave the white house the choice of either griner or no one. in other words, joe biden's version of events is now perfectly in sync with the official nbc news version of events. of course. a writer on stackhouse noticed

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putin, the taliban, the north koreans continue to take american after american hostage is eventually they hold onto them long enough they did get enough, we cave we give them a better deal how about this quic how about you don't let putin dictate the terms for the white house secretary says here were the choices the russians gave u very how about we dictate the terms? about every terrorist group dictator shoot out there they know they touch and hair on americans high and the cost wil be so high, economically and diplomatically live a militaril that they don't dare touch another american, but what he has done tonight maybe a tactfu today is going to result in mor and more and more americans being taken hostage down the line because they know, at the end of the day there is an upside but no downside whether

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