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Anderson Cooper 360

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Erin Burnett OutFront

judge to expedite the cases of all 19 defendants, all this as mark meadows continues his push to move his own case to federal court. a federal judge tonight asking meadows' attorneys and the d.a. to file additional legal arguments no later than thursday, which could set the stage then for ruling as early as friday. we will be sure to keep you posted on any of those developments. i'm erica hill in for erin burnett tonight. thank you for joining us. our coverage of this breaking news continues on "ac 360." tonight, a special "360" from the gulf coast. we are just getting a brand-new forecast and track for hurricane idalia. it has strengthened. officials are warning that in some low-lying areas, this storm will be unsurvivable. good evening. i'm john berman in steinhatchee in florida. this is right on the big bend, and that is right

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All In With Chris Hayes

i'm patriotic kenny. and, hi, i'm amanda on tiktok. my scooter broke down. i went into a depression. how do you feel about that? pretty sad. and i posted it to show that kenny's not always happy. within 24 hours people had donated over $5,000. no, you're kidding. we set up the patriotic kenny foundation to give mobility scooters to veterans. it has changed my life tremendously. none of this would've happened without tiktok. heading on a family trip? nah, sorry son, prices are crazy,

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Anderson Cooper 360

♪ tourists tourists that turn into scientists. tourist taking photos that are analyzed by ai. so researchers can help life underwater flourish. ♪ cnn's special coverage of hurricane idalia continues. "the source" with kaitlan collins starts right now. tonight, straight from the source, hurricane idalia just hours away from landfall.

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Anderson Cooper 360

i'm john berman in steinhatchee in florida right on the big bend, right in the path of hurricane idalia, which will make landfall late, late

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Anderson Cooper 360

all right. welcome back to steinhatchee right on the florida gulf coast,

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Anderson Cooper 360

live pictures now. what you're looking at is a buoy off of key west in florida, the southernmost play in the united states. and you can just see the wind and the waves from hurricane idalia starting to have an impact there. actually, it's having an impact as you move up the florida peninsula. that's all the way down at the bottom right now. i'm at the top where it is starting to rain some, with my rain jacket in the car, by the way. i'm all the way at the top. about halfway up the peninsula is the city of tampa. where i am right now, steinhatchee is a town of some 500 people. tampa, one of the more populous

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The Source With Kaitlan Collins

hurricane idalia passed through some of the world's warmest waters on its way to florida's coast. in the gulf of mexico and in south florida as you can see here water temperature is

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life in washington, this is bbc news. hurricane idalia has strengthened to a category two storm as it bears down on the gulf coast of florida. we are live on the ground. residents have been urged to flee to higher ground and prepare for

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The Source With Kaitlan Collins

order, you should resign. but she won't resign, i will be back in january to call for a no confidence vote in his leadership. >> the whole point of this special session was to pursue these measures. you don't believe anything of substance has passed and we will see what january looks like. representative justin jones, thank you again for joining us again at the source. >> thank you so much kaitlan. >> and thank you all so much for joining. us tonight on cnn we're continuing our coverage of hurricane idalia. it's forecast to make landfall in florida's big bend region in just a matter of hours. prime time with abby phillip starts right. now >> a lot to get to in these critical hours. our special live coverage continues tonight of that dangerous hurricane right. now it is starting to hit florida, and i'm abby philip. idalia packing winds of more than 100 miles an hour is currently a category two storm, but it is projected to make landfall and to slam into th

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