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This Week in Lincolnville: Putting Things By

Earlier this week, I was heading down to the Beach to do the early morning cleaning with my wife — this is somewhat of legacy job at this point — a town contract originally granted my younger brother 30-plus years ago, taken over by my parents, and...

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This Week in Lincolnville: A cannon on the shore

Should you find yourself at Lincolnville Beach, you may notice a small cannon facing the bay. Defending the town from what? Those rascally Islesboro natives? The yachts out of Camden? What dangers could Penobscot Bay present to this little town?...

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This Week in Lincolnville: Kindergarten

So earlier this week, Lincolnville Central School posted a photo of its Kindergarten class wearing the groundhog masks they had made in honor of Groundhog Day. They were all so adorable, though if I am being honest, a bit unsettling. Something about...

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