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Bob Paddison gave time to Wesley Community Centers

Bob Paddison of Savannah Bank & Trust gave time to Wesley Community Centers, United Way, public library system, DeRenne Middle School.

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Remembered as the best in her trade, photojournalist Nancy Heffernan dies

Nancy Ann Heffernan was an artist when she had a camera in her hand. In the dark room creating prints from negatives, she was one of the best. She was also outgoing and likeable.
For long-time Savannahians, she might be remembered for the now famous photograph of President Jimmy Carter standing on the bar at the infamous Pinkie Masters.
Heffernan died peacefully Tuesday at her home in Savannah with her daughters Katie and Anna Mothersbaugh and niece Ainslee Heffernan by her side. She died from complications of liver cancer. She was 68.
Katie Mothersbaugh said of her mother, she was “very extroverted. Always talked with strangers. That’s how she knows everybody. She was very interesting, outspoken, blunt. Just an amazing, brilliant person. Really intelligent.”

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