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Extending The Power Of Attosecond Spectroscopy

Scientists at EPFL have shown that the powerful transient absorption spectroscopy technique can unravel ultrafast motion of electrons and nuclei in a...

Mouse-controlled mouse helps researchers understand intentional control

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VIDEO: Top panel, from top to bottom: Run, licking and brain activity during training. Animals had to increase activity in control region 1 (R1, blue) compared to control region 2 (R2,...
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Credit: Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
We know that the brain can direct thoughts, but how this is achieved is difficult to determine. Researchers at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre have devised a brain machine interface (BMI) that allows mice to learn to guide a cursor using only their brain activity. By monitoring this mouse-controlled mouse moving to a target location to receive a reward, the researchers were able to study how the brain represents intentional control.

Imperial and Technische Universität München fund aids education innovation

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Imperial and Technische Universität München fund aids education innovation
Five teams from across the College, partnering with colleagues at TUM, have been awarded funds to support them deliver experiential online education.
One of many strands of Imperial and Technical University of Munich’s strategic partnership in education, research and innovation, the education seed fund aims to encourage staff and students at each institution to co-develop new applications for digital technologies. The objective is to fund project teams that are ready to develop innovative, inclusive and impactful online experiential learning opportunities in partnership with our students.
Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Germany’s most international and entrepreneurial universities, producing highly ranked research, like Imperial, in science, engineering and medicine.

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