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Amazing Photographs Capture Everyday Life in Spanish Harlem in the Mid-1980s

Spanish Harlem, New York’s oldest barrio, is the U.S. mecca where Puerto Ricans first established themselves in the 1940s. One of America’s most vital centers of Latino culture, Spanish Harlem is home to 125,000 people, half of whom are Latino.


Shot in the mid-to-late 1980s,

Take a ride through the streets of NYC with photographer & former taxi driver Joseph Rodriguez

Take a ride through the streets of NYC with photographer & former taxi driver Joseph Rodriguez
.- New York City in the late '70s was a collection of villages with its downtown scene, midtown workers, and uptown elegance. It was also a city that was more integrated than ever before or ever would be again. All of the city's humanity met in its streets with layered soundtracks of salsa, rock, disco, reggae, and soon hip-hop booming for all to groove to.
But, NYC was also a place of chaos and mayhem. Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy with rampant crime it was the city's drug users, dealers, and pimps and prostitutes who ruled the streets of Manhattan.

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