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Bring a hankie... the Queen's back for a ding-dong with Maggie: PATRICK MARMION reviews Handbagged

PATRICK MARMION: Coming in the middle of our national mourning, the press night of the revival of this satirical comedy began with a painfully awkward apology.

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Chris Dominguez, Jazz Covington among those elected to U of L Hall of Fame

From U of L:
Eight outstanding individuals will be inducted into the University of Louisville Athletics Hall of Fame on Friday, Nov. 4 in the Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club.

The list includes Tony...

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20-story apartment tower, 6-story office building planned for Southern States silos site

Upon demolishing the old silos later this year, Hourigan Development is planning to construct what will be among the tallest residential buildings to be built in the city in recent years.

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

hurricane fiona has now made landfall, confirming that there is now an island-wide power outage. there is a lot of concern about mud slides, there is a lot of concern about flash flooding. >> catastrophic flooding expected. we are going to see between 15 and 20 inches. >> global leaders continue to descend on london for the big monday event. paying tributes and signing condolences. >> to all the people of england, all of the people in the united kingdom, our hearts go out to you. >> i think it was such a beautiful way for it to have been sent off with the people around, who have been coming countlessly for days and days. that's exactly what she wanted. this is, as i stated, a humanitarian crisis created by human hands. it is an all-hands-on-deck moment. >> they're coming into southern

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Jose Diaz-Balart Reports

phone service. and as you see, just at any moment, the rain continues to intensify, adding to that already historic rainfall. we're talking about 25, 30, maybe even 40 inches of rain, by the time this is all said and done. jose? >> that's a real rain phenomenon that has hit puerto rico and of course right now, the dominican republic and parts of haiti are feeling the intense rain right now. coming up, a migrant humanitarian crisis to scramble to find hundreds of migrants bussed from southern states to northern states. plus, president biden again springs to taiwan's defense in his latest major interview and now china's response and how the white house is reacting today. t. wait, are you my blind date? dancing crew. trip for two.

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State of the Union With Jake Tapper and Dana Bash

and has needed reform for decades. these are people fleeing marxism in venezuela. many were falsely told there would be jobs and housing w waiting tfor them when they arrived in massachusetts. do you support what abbott and desantis are doing? >> they're doing their best to try to send a message to the rest of the nation about the plight of those individuals that are coming from south of the border. you're talking about 3.4 million people just since the start of this biden administration that have crossed the border. they're coming into southern states. what is a governor supposed to do? they're trying to send a message to the rest of the country that this is not acceptable, and that their states can't handle that type of an inflow. that's an equivalent of four times the population of my state of south dakota. jake, it's more than that. it's also everything else come across the border at the same time. we're 1200 miles away from the border in south dakota, yet the

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Friday Evening Weather

16 WAPT Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the latest most accurate weather forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi

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KTR Slams Centre for Undermining Federal Values

Hyderabad: Right after the independence, the then Union Home Minister flew down to Hyderabad to unite and integrate Hyderabad into the Indian Union. Today, after 74 years, we have a Union Home Minister who flew down to Hyderabad to divide us, bully us into submission, trying to force us to adhere to what they say.

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CNN Newsroom

martha's vineyard. he joked about it. he laughed about it when he was talking to reporters. it's well documented what they are doing. do you agree with the tactic? do you agree with what they are doing with these migrants? >> well, i think it's going to be a problem of southern states. the other states needs to understand but also don't understand sanctuary cities. the federal government should have a policy that applies to all the states. there are states red, there are federal responsibility and immigration policy is control of the federal level. so i don't think cities should be able to circumvent federal laws and provide, you know, illegal people to be able to stay in the country. i think there are a lot of problems happen with that and i think we have to study discussion on that. but i think what was happening right now and we are talking about the issue, it's very important in other states needs to understand it's not just problem of texas, of florida or arizona or california. it's a problem all us.

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