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Students protest Long Bay College 'sexist' uniform policy, parents seeking legal advice

A group of about 20 Long Bay College students and parents have gathered in protest amid a stoush over uniform compliance. Parents of female students at the...

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Long Bay College uniform row sparks protest plan, claims of sexist rules

Students are planning a protest and the Human Rights Commission is reminding schools to “tread carefully” as a stoush erupts over uniform compliance at a...

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The new Crusaders sponsor that trades millions daily

A fixed income investment firm that trades up to A$400 million ($433m) in bonds every day will soon be seen on the red rugby uniform. Coolabah Capital...

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No colors in a very uniform summit | The Manila Times

KUALA LUMPUR: I used to carry an APEC business travel card, which enabled me to travel visa-free to most of the member entities of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). I made quite extensive use of the card to a number of APEC member economies, ranging from the more major ones, such as China and Australia, to others such as Papua New Guinea. But having used the card for a number of years, I find that it has at least two major drawbacks. First, the card may not be used for entry into all APEC member jurisdictions but only 'participating' or selected ones, which roughly make up about two-thirds of APEC membership. For example, the card may not be used for visa-free travel to the United States, which is perhaps one of the most coveted visa-free (if available) destinations in the world. Second, the card's validity is tied to that of the holder's passport. And as most passports are valid for five to five-and-a-half years, while the circulated approval process (making the rounds among the participating APEC members) may take anywhere from half a year to over a year, in effect, each card is valid for at most four if not fewer years, before the long application wait has to be gone through all over again. As such, when I changed my expiring passport for a new one — a most tedious process at the time — earlier this year, I decided not to apply for a new APEC business travel card. It is not as if I binge on impulsive travels to many of the lesser-known participating member entities and, thus, in dire need of possessing the card.

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OP-ED: Honoring Our Promise to Our Black Veterans

By: Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn The original government-issued posters publicizing the G.I. Bill of 1944 were designed to inspire. Oversized red and white letters urged, “Veterans — prepare for your future through EDUCATIONAL TRAINING. Consult your nearest Office of the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION.” Another read, “VETERANS — if buying a farm, home, or business,

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Anti-vax soldier came close to mutiny, should face severe punishment, prosecutor says

Warrant Officer James Topp, a former soldier with more than 30 years of service for Canada, faces a maximum punishment of dismissal with disgrace

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Taxpayer-funded 'dress uniforms' for ODOC executives stir controversy

We're answering your questions and concerns about some new attire seen on top executives at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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Chick-fil-A Employee Shivers While Taking Orders Outside After Refusing To Buy Employee Jacket

It seems that Chick-fil-A allegedly makes employees pay for some parts of their uniform. Unfortunately, the cost of the uniform is not commensurate with the pay, and one TikToker is refusing to pay even though he's forced to work outside in short sleeves.

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Kiwis respond to Air New Zealand choosing Emilia Wickstead to design new uniform

On Monday, October 6, Air New Zealand announced Emilia Wickstead would design their next set of airline uniforms. The London-based Kiwi fashion designer will...

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