Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:05:37:00

penalty last night, successful as well. i wonder, we pick up a bit of penalty last night, successful as well. iwonder, is penalty last night, successful as well. i wonder, is the pressure when a breeze overnight. you are taking penalties without a that north—westerly breeze is really what we are going to feel crowd slightly easier to deal with? throughout the weekend. i think you are right. the standard it means the temperature is not going to feel particularly warm. has been going up, especially in for saturday, we could pick scotla nd has been going up, especially in scotland last night, the pressure, they are trying to reach their first up a shower anywhere through saturday afternoon. accompanied by that breeze, major tournament since 1988, it has been so long and that was why there it is going to feel quite cold. a drier day and the wind was someone special. no fans, five a little less on sunday, but still feeling quite chilly. i'll be back in around half an hour. perfect penalties. i think that is the point there. scotland are one match away now from reaching their first major tournament since 1998, after five perfect penalties, gave them a shoot—out hello, this is breakfast with victory over israel, in the european charlie stayt and rachel burden. it is exactly 8:30am. qualifying semifinals. it took 17 years of investigations, but last month former major robert campbell was finally cleared over the death of teenager during the iraq war. northern ireland also won their match in sarajevo, the family of the teenager said on penalties, and they too, he had been forced into a river now have a chance, to reach next summer's european championships. by british soldiers when he died, andy swiss rounds up the action. but a report found that there was no talk about drama. scotland are evidence that this was the case. in his first tv interview since he was exonerated, robert campbell has been speaking looking to qualify for their first to graham satchell.

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