Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20201009:18:16:00

have a commission to study the 25th amendment. do you think the 25th amendment needs studying? >> i don't. i felt a little bit of what she was doing looks to me like a political stunt. everyone knows exactly what the 25th amendment says. more importantly, i've been speaking to the president a lot lately. there is nobody to think about succession. he's doing just great. >> judge perino: he was talking about you a little bit yesterday as well. he was expressing some frustration about the hillary clinton emails that are not declassified yet or released yet. take a listen. >> president trump: they are in the state department but pompeo has been unable to get them out which is very sad actually. i'm not happy about him for that reason. i don't know. he's running the state department. forget about the fact they were classified. let's go. maybe mike pompeo finally finds them, okay? >> judge perino: just now on rush limbaugh, he had this to say. >> president trump: she deleted 33,000 emails.

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