Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20201009:18:49:00

have five children. when i ask them if they are going to do something and i can't tell you, dad, i know what the answer means. it means joe bide shouldn't be able to say, no i'm not going to do it, if he truly intends not to do it. he knows that the base of his party wants him to do it. if he gets the senate, look for them to pack the most left wing jurors you can imagine on that court. >> judge perino: chris what about that? wouldn't it help biden if he believes he does want to do it, wouldn't it help him to say so? >> we don't know if amy barrett is going to go be put on the supreme court. we don't know if that's actually going to happen and if that doesn't happen there is no blood on the supreme court then, because they stole one and we got to block one as well. so let's wait and see what happens but the american people don't care. in the fox news poll only 25% of americans really care about the supreme court, and as for court packing, the fox news poll was pretty interesting on that. it was 39 for court packing and

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