Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091006:17:42:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091006:17:42:00

saerbly from his meeting earlier this week with the nato, secretary-general rasmussen and we're hearing that nato is not going to step up to it and all the reporting from the field, michael, is that the afghan troops are ill prepared and illiterate and this is not iraq where there was an organized military. it is going to take years to create an afghan force of any size. >> probably two years, andrea. in other words, yes, quite a while, but not an indefinite period of time. we have seen the afghan army come together as a halfway decent fighting force and most people who observe them in the field say they're not bad. the afghan police is a different story. if you have one proof of principal already, we have now generated an afghan army of roughly 80,000 to 90,000 that is pretty good. that's not nearly the amount of force that is required as you rightly point out. but we can, to some extent figure out how long it will take and that part, you know, you can set to a calendar.

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