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at speeds of up to 170 kph, but the next step is a preproduction model with a range of i,000km. translation: for me, - what's important is the feeling of freedom. i'm from a generation that knows what it is to lose one's freedom. the car gave us great freedom, but now we just sit in traffic. the flying car could reinstate this freedom and take it to a whole new level. professor klein says the real advantage of the aircar is its convertibility. when the wings are retracted, it's only slightly longer than a regular estate car, meaning it will fit in your garage. and all you'll need to take off is a strip of grass or concrete. all this is still at the prototype stage. the big concern, of course, remains in safety. we can make an aircraft fly fairly easily — i say "easily" — but humanity's been doing that for 120 years now.

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Devoted dad sails 13,000km across the world to New Zealand to see his son for Christmas

So he decided to set sail solo from the Caribbean on an epic adventure 
After setting off in June he reached Auckland's Gulf Harbour Marina on Thursday
When he passed a COVID-19 test he was allowed entry without isolation
A loving father has undertaken an epic solo sailing adventure around the world to be reunited with his seven-year-old son.
Dmitry Pelevin dropped anchor at Auckland's Gulf Harbour Marina on Thursday after travelling 7,000 nautical miles from the Carribean to New Zealand.  
The sailor was forced into the journey after getting stuck in France back in March due to COVID-19 flight cancellations.

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