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the warmest, potentially, depends on how we end the month, but it looks like it will be the warmest july on record for the month of july for phoenix here at 102.9 degrees. you are thinking wait a minute we have been talking about temperatures at 115, 116, this is the average high and the low. they get to 115 and 116, but only been cooling down into the 90s. in fact 97 is one of their lowest temps they got to. that's quite a stretch for them. that's one example of what's going on. they don't have the excessive heat warnings -- the excessive heat warning for phoenix and portions of southern california over to tucson you are losing this, but the excessive heat warnings over california for temperatures up to 115, same for portions of kansas and right into missouri. right over into the mid-atlantic, we have these in places as well where the heat index which is the air temperature plus the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, the humidity, you put the two together, how sticky does it feel outside? you know. you have been out there. it is just miserable. temperatures with the humidity

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Celebrate WBLM's 50th With All-Time Classic Rock Songs 1029

The best classic rock songs of all time are being counted down to number 1 on Maine's 102.9 WBLM.

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WBLM's 50th Maine Memorial Day Weekend Schedule is Legendary

The best classic rock songs of all time will be counted down to number 1 on Maine's 102.9 WBLM. And it all starts Friday, May 26.

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Ella Mai Set to Perform During New Year's Rockin' Eve 2021: All the Details | 102.9 NOW

Lucy Hale, Billy Porter and
This year marks the 49th anniversary of
Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, America’s most-watched annual New Year’s tradition which celebrates the year’s very best in music. The show sets the stage to ring in the new year with more than five and a half hours of dynamic performances airing until 2AM and gives viewers a look at New Year’s celebrations from around the globe.
After a challenging 2020, this year’s show will focus on bringing viewers messages of hope and unity throughout the night filled with spectacular performances as we turn a new page to 2021.

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20120317:14:44:00

charles. he wants $3800 for an '06 700 polaris. i don't think you can beat that deal. >> i like lass lals, but for me local radio is all dj, chicken on power 102.9 in new orleans. >> it is thursday, dj chicken. you got any posse? >> out to our teachers giving so much homework. >> to children who don't like their homework and want a good education. >> you're going to need that, brother. >> do you understand what's going on there? on thursdays we call in with our huh-uh and we say huh-uh to whatever hyperlocal thing going on. that is dj chicken and big abe. what we listen to in the radio, my local audio grapevine. with me at the table is a panel of new york's radio hosts,

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