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for the fans to enjoy? no, i actually, to be clear, i actually think that sport is a reflection of life. and life is complicated, and life is nuanced, and life deserves context. and life is at the intersection of politics and decisions and controversies. what i have an issue with is when we cherry pick what is acceptable and when to use sports as a platform. and i understand why people sometimes say, "let's just keep politics out of sports," but the truth is, you can't. so i actually come down from the perspective of i believe that colin kaepernick, who is an athlete here in the us who decided to take a knee during the national anthem, has a right to express himself. i also believe that soccer athletes in europe who want to express solidarity with palestinians and gaza have a right to express themselves. and i believe that athletes in europe who want to wear a rainbow armband in qatar have a right to express themselves. what i think is problematic,

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NFL week 12 review & results: Aaron Rodgers hurt as Eagles beat Packers while Chiefs beat Rams

Aaron Rodgers leaves the Green Bay Packers' loss in Philadelphia while the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Rams.

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Stephen A. Smith defends Jerry Jones, cites 'cancel culture'

Stephen A. Smith strongly defended Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones amidst criticism around a story published by the Washington Post.

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What does uncovered Jerry Jones photo from Little Rock tell us about the Cowboys owner?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jerry Jones is a storyteller. Not in a fictional sense, though some of the stories Jones has told over the years might leave you saying, "Did this actually happen?"

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