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Top 10 Week 12 Fantasy Takeaways

Josh Jacobs fought off an injury and produced the biggest fantasy performance of his career.

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Week 13 Waiver Wire Pickups: Early Look at Fantasy Football Free Agents

Fantasy Football players looking to keep their playoff dreams alive can benefit from the waiver wire in Week 13.

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Tis The Season The Holidays On Screen

tolerance or acceptance. >> all i want for you is to find the same joy and happiness that you have given me, no matter where it comes from. >> i think it resolves in a way that is a bit of a fantasy, as a queer person who came out and lost most of her family. that was very meaningful to have that fantasy of it's christmas time, and my family loves me. >> abby, what are you doing way over there? get over here. >> come on. >> you know, that's a story i think we need more of. >> christmas is when it all kind of comes out because you're dealing with everyone's expectations. >> you don't have to be nervous. >> i'm not. >> "the family stone," you have the guy bringing home the fiance to meet the family. are they going to like me? and it turns out, oh, no, they don't. they don't like me at all.

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The 2000s

met me. >> josh? >> yeah? >> six pages on english as the national language. >> meetings don't just take place. sitting down and talking to people. >> and as for a damn social studies paper -- >> josh? >> donna? >> look at the memo. i gave you what you asked for. don't snap at me. >> we knew that was the essence of this show, this movement. >> what's wrong with everyone today? >> the challenge of doing that is, number one, lighting. >> what was the question? >> if you look at that set on "the west wing," there's a lot of glass. glass is reflective. so there were a lot of technical challenges that existed. but the biggest challenge by far was the performance challenge. >> 802. five votes jumped the fence. >> because they could go beginning, middle, end of the and it was liberating and also intimidating. >> what the hell happened? >> we don't know. >> give me names. >> we're finding out. >> i love "the west wing" because it's a complete fantasy

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The 2000s

made in the late 1970s. not a good show, but a show with a good idea, which is civilization has been destroyed. humanitiy is on the run. what happens next? years later, sci-fi channel looked at it and said, what if we take it seriously? >> madam president, we have to eliminate the olympic carrier immediately. >> there are 1,300 people on that ship. >> "star wars" feels like fantasy and fable in the best possible sense. this felt like war. >> do it. >> the photography was shot very much like world war ii combat cameramen work. >> okay, fire on my mark. >> no frackin' way, lee. lee. come on! lee, come on! >> it was as if someone was floating in space with an old world war ii film rolling, and oh, here comes a cylon, i want to get this shot. i really was riveted by it. >> it's classic sci-fi in that

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The Seventies

arnold? no. you know what they say? >> sit on it, arnold. >> that's what they say. >> you watch fonzi and you just want to be fonzi. >> oh. >> hey, girls. knock yourselves out. i'm really sorry, it was a slip of the fingers, slip of the fingers. >> it's a fantasy of what teen life could be. >> hey, dafazio. they're here. all right. laverne. this is laverne dafazio. she's mine. this is shirley feeney. she's yours. as you can see. >> nice to meet you, ritchie. >> my pleasure. >> when "laverne & shirley" made a guest appearance, one of the cameramen said, look at this two shot. that's a series. >> shamele, shamozle -- hossenfere incorporated. >> tuesday night between 8:00 and 9:00 is called the death spot, death to any program that dares to go head-on against abc's "happy days" and "laverne & shirley." >> "laverne & shirley" was one of the few sitcoms that debuted as number one. >> the absolute top number one show this season is "laverne &

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Brian Lee Durfee: On Finishing a Fantasy Trilogy

Artist and author Brian Lee Durfee discusses what it felt like to write the final sentence in his Five Warrior Angels trilogy with his novel, The Lonesome Crown.

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Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017) [1080p] [WEBRip] [5.1] [YTS MX]

[size=5][color=#ff0033]Tokyo Vampire Hotel 2017.1080p WEBRip x264 AAC5.1-[YTS MX][/color][/size] [IMG][/IMG] [b]IMDB information:[/b] [quote] [b]Title:[/b] Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017) [b]Genres:[/b] Fantasy, Horror [b]Description:[/b] On the verge of a...

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Roadrunner A Film About Anthony Bourdain

always going to figure out a way to do something that couldn't be done. >> everyone gets everything he wants. i wanted to see the congo. but for my sins they let me. this is a place i read about as a boy. in heart of darkness conrad described it as a twisting neighboring with its head in the atlantic ocean and tail buried deep in africa's heart. >> congo was a fulfillment of an enormous dream in our little fantasy we were having our apocalypse now moment. >> we rented a trust me vestal. and i shall dub thee, the captain willard. >> tony was finding ways to push himself towards his not just understanding of the world but understanding of himself. >> are you an assassin? >> i'm a soldier. >> it's like which character is he in that film?

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