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Mick Fanning and Ross Williams Discuss Whether Italo Ferreira Was Robbed at the Narrabeen Classic

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Mick Fanning and Ross Williams Discuss Whether Italo Ferreira Was Robbed at the Narrabeen Classic
Sunday April 25, 2021
A while back at the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic, something happened. You may well have seen it, even if you didn’t catch the whole event. Generally at every event on the World Surf League tour, there are a handful of events that become talking points. Maybe it’s a certain wave surfed extraordinarily well, maybe it’s someone losing their shit after a loss, or maybe it’s an egregious drop in. At Narrabeen, it was Italo Ferreira’s aerial that was scored a measly 1.77

Santa Barbara Pro Surfer Conner Coffin Places 2nd in Australia's Narrabeen Classic | Sports

Coffin pulled out the victory with a 13.83-11.03 decision. 
Coffin’s advancement to the final follows the 27-year-old’s fifth-place finish at the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup presented by Corona.
Securing second place at Narrabeen puts Coffin in the elite top five on the 2021 World Surf League Men’s Championship Tour, and marks only the second time he has made his way to a final since his rookie year on the tour in 2016 in Portugal.
His rise through the ranks of nearly 40 of the world’s top surfers serves as proof that, despite the year’s delayed starts in contest scheduling and COVID-related quarantines, his focus and commitment are paying off.

After Narrabeen: The Game's Beginning To Develop

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After Narrabeen: The Game's Beginning To Develop
What did the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic tell us about what’s coming next?
Photo: Dunbar/WSL
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Narrabeen reinforced the basic fact that Australia is saving the 2021 Championship Tour.
Not because Australian surfers are the best; right now, they self evidently aren’t. But nobody understands this sport like Australians. Brazilian fans are more passionate, sure. Californians have the best love-hate relationship with it. But understanding it at the core — the whys and wherefores, the intricacies of a heat, why the whole thing even exists— this is the province of the Australian fan base. It’s why the Australian WSL team worked so hard to get these four events up, and why they got all the Government help in the process. 

Gabriel Medina masters in Australia and conquers first title of 2021

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - In his fourth consecutive final in the World Surfing Circuit stages, Brazilian Gabriel Medina finally let out the champion cry in 2021. After failing in Pipeline, Hawaii, in December last year, and in Newcastle, Australia, about 10 days ago, the two-time world champion won the Narrabeen stage on Tuesday, also in the Australian sea.
New leader of the World Circuit since the elimination of compatriot Italo Ferreira in the round of 16, Medina had a string of victories on Tuesday - 3 in total. In the quarterfinals, he beat Australian Morgan Cibilic and eliminated Portuguese Frederico . . .
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Gabriel Medina, Caroline Marks Win Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic

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Gabriel Medina and Caroline Marks now sit one and two in the rankings, respectively. Photo: WSL
Gabriel Medina looked like a machine. Caroline Marks showed us she has a formidable forehand attack. Both looked like world title contenders as they won the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic yesterday in northern Sydney.
Medina made every maneuver he attempted look video game-like: vertical hits, cutback wraps while blowing fins out, airs on impossible sections, even hassling Frederico Morais in the semis  – it all looked relatively simple. The Brazilian recently made big changes in his life that seem to be working wonders.
With Narrabeen in classic form, creating nostalgia and calls to keep the locale on the WSL schedule, Medina looked lighter and willing to give the crowd and his fellow competitors more of himself. From relaxed post-heat interviews to handshakes and embraces with other surfers, the man just seemed, well, happier. It might have been his recent coaching change or the fact that his wife was there to support him. Whatever it was, he looked absolutely unbeatable throughout with his third straight finals appearance while taking over the ratings lead from Italo Ferreira.

World champion Ferreira knocked out of Narrabeen World Surf League leg by Coffin

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Monday, 19 April 2021
World champion Italo Ferreira of Brazil has been knocked out of the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour event in Narrabeen in Australia after a controversial defeat to the United States' Conner Coffin.
On a day with easier to read, smaller, more predictable waves, what was not predictable was Ferreira's early exit from the men's competition.
Coffin's power-turns gave him the win against Ferreira's airs, leading to the Brazilian destroying his surfboard against a beach-side shower, followed by a stomp to split it in half in the athletes' locker room, in anger at the result.
Ferreira had taken the lead, but right on the buzzer, Coffin reclaimed the advantage to win their last-16 tie, with a two-wave score of 11.47 to the Brazilian's 10.67.

Highlights from Day 3 at the Narrabeen Classic

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Medina uses one massive air to get himself into finals day. Photo: Matt Dunbar/WSL
Well, for those of you who didn’t tune into the live broadcast at around 11 p.m. PST last night, day three at the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic had both the men’s and women’s round of 16, and it was a doozy, with plenty to break down.
Upsets happened all over the place, on both sides of the tour, sending the rankings for a spin. Johanne Defay took out Tyler Wright, stopping the two-time world champ and current World Number Two from reaching finals day for the second event in a row, only widening Carissa Moore’s lead in the rankings. Carissa had a strong performance herself, no stunning airs today, but strong surfing and level-headed thinking won her the heat against Brisa Hennessey, as she let one of the best waves of the heat roll through to hold on to her priority in the final minutes of the matchup.

Champion Ferreira knocks out Fanning at at World Surf League event in Narrabeen

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Champion Ferreira knocks out Fanning at World Surf League event in Narrabeen
Sunday, 18 April 2021
Mick Fanning survived the elimination round only to be knocked out by Championship Tour leader Italo Ferreira later in the day as favourable conditions led to an abundance of action at the World Surf League (WSL) competition in Narrabeen.
Australia' Fanning, a three-time Championship Tour winner returning as a wildcard for this leg, eased through the elimination round with more than double the two-wave score of compatriot Connor O'Leary, who was eliminated from their three-surfer heat.
Brazil's Ferreira, who is also the reigning World Surf Games champion, was too strong in the round of 32 in northern Sydney, however, scoring 13.00 to Fanning's 9.33.

The Warm-Up Swell

The Warm-Up Swell
If you’re a Sydney surfer, this is the autumn that keeps on giving. If you’re a visiting CT pro, you’re probably in shock.
Too many waves are never enough. Down the beach at Narrabeen. Photo: Matt Dunbar
Nick Carroll
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On Saturday April 10, all the pro surfers who hadn’t already left Newcastle did so, heading south to Narrabeen, next stop on their wacky four event Aussie parade.
Just a few hours earlier, completely independent of this shift, a big, slightly messy low pressure system headed east into the southern Tasman Sea.

One Down, Three To Go: WSL 1, Cynicism 0

One Down, Three To Go: WSL 1, Cynicism 0
At the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup, it was just about the surfing — and it wasn’t just that.
Photo: Dunbar/WSL
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Yeah, the competition was hot.
Italo, all passion and flair, turning into the Iceman in the last few minutes of the final, closing it down with all the executioner’s cool of his opponent. Literally playing with Gabriel Medina.
Here, have this wave if ya like, you won’t get the score. Who does that? To Gabriel? Italo Ferreira, that’s who.
Carissa, of all these great women on tour right now, surely the über-great. Isabella Nichols ran all the way to their final, rookie-on-fire style, then just sat there and watched while Ms Moore tore it to pieces, effortlessly, like Slater getting loose on some poor bastard back in the ‘90s.

Watch Gabriel Medina's Air at the Newcastle Cup

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If you’re a pro surfing fan, you likely watched Carissa Moore and Italo Ferreira win the Newcastle Cup. It was the first World Surf League event in a long time, and it wasn’t short on memorable moments. Rookie Morgan Cibilic beat world champion John John Florence. The WSL announced they would be added a Mexico spot to the tour. And Medina produced an aerial that blasted skin off faces. His aerial surfing is scary good, and Gabriel Medina’s air in the semifinal proved it… again.
After Cibilic ousted John John, he came up against another world champion in the semis. Gabriel Medina wasn’t going to fall victim to the local, and he put everything into his heat against him. “Everything”, in Medina’s case, is a lot, and Cibilic, despite his local knowledge and serious momentum, just couldn’t keep up. Of all the memorable things that happened at the event, the air Medina completed at the 3:13 mark in the video above might be the most memorable. It earned him a 9.70 and the highest single wave score of the event.

The Rip Curl Newcastle Cup Is Live, Watch Now!

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Competitive surfing is back as the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup presented by Corona is live! Finals day features some phenomenal matchups including Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks and Gabriel Medina facing off against Adriano De Souza, who’s on his farewell tour. Five of the eight quarterfinalists in the men hail from Brazil so we could easily be seeing an all-Brazilian final from Newcastle.
Stay tuned: the World Surf League takes us through the tournament and gives us the latest from Newy (including Mick Fanning receiving a wildcard for Narrabeen).
Watch live here or head over to

Reigning surfing world champions Carissa Moore, Italo Ferreira win first WSL event of year at Newcastle

Reigning surfing world champions Carissa Moore, Italo Ferreira win first WSL event of year at Newcastle
© Provided by ABC NEWS
World number one Hawaiian Carissa Moore reigned supreme at the WSL event. (Supplied: WSL)
The reigning women's and men's surfing world champions Hawaii's Carissa Moore and Brazil's Italo Ferreira have won the first World Surf League event of the year in Newcastle.
Moore put on a dominant performance in the final, scoring a nine-point-five and a six, to defeat Australian tour rookie Isabella Nichols, who struggled to find a decent wave.
Nichols had eliminated seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore earlier in the competition and said she was happy with her performance in what was her very first year on tour.

Brazilian, US surfers win opening WSL event in Australia

Brazilian, US surfers win opening WSL event in Australia
April 10, 2021 GMT
NEWCASTLE, Australia (AP) — Defending World Surf League champion Italo Ferreira won an all-Brazilian men’s final Saturday over Gabriel Medina at the Newcastle Cup, the first of four WSL tour events in Australia over the next six weeks as the world’s top competitors prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.
The 2019 world champion edged Medina in a tight decider at Merewether Beach to move to the top of the world rankings after two events. A pair of seven-point rides was enough for Ferreira to win the title from two-time world champion Medina, securing a 14.94 two-wave total in comparison to Medina’s 13.27.

Ferreira and Moore triumph at World Surf League event in Newcastle

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Ferreira and Moore triumph at World Surf League event in Newcastle
Saturday, 10 April 2021
Reigning World Surf League champions Carissa Moore and Italo Ferreira claimed victories as the Championship Tour event concluded in Newcastle in Australia.
Finals day at the Australian venue saw competition resume at the women’s semi-final stage, while the men’s event continued at the quarter-finals.
Moore beat fellow American Caroline Marks in the women’s semi-finals, winning by a score of 17.74 to 10.17.
The victory set up a final against Australia’s Isabel Nichols, who had eliminated seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore yesterday.
Nichols reached her maiden final in her rookie season by beating her compatriot by 13.20 to 12.13.

Italo Ferreira and Carissa Moore win 2021 Newcastle Cup

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Italo Ferreira and Carissa Moore win 2021 Newcastle Cup
April 10, 2021 |
Italo Ferreira and Carissa Moore have taken out the 2021 Rip Curl Newcastle Cup at Merewether, New South Wales, Australia.
The second event on World Surf League (WSL) 2021 Championship Tour (CT) - the first was the 2020 Billabong Pipe Masters - wrapped up in solid three-to-five foot waves.
It was also the first time in nearly 30 years that surfers competed in an elite level competition in Newcastle.
In a very tight all-Brazilian men's final, Ferreira defeated Gabriel Medina with long and wide left and right-hand waves peeling fast down the line.
All the best waves were ridden in the first half of the decisive heat, but it was Italo's signature air reverse on a closeout section that won him the trophy.

Highlights from Day 2 and 3 of the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup

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Italo boosted a massive air to get the win over Griffin Colapinto. Photo: WSL
Despite being a replacement event, the surfing hotbed of Newcastle has provided plenty of highlights as the World Surf League gets back underway with its Australian tour. Day Three from the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup is in the books, and with finals day on the near horizon (next call is just three hours away), we’ve already seen plenty of pressure-beating rides, upsets, and the wait has paid off as the surf is now absolutely cookin’.
For those who haven’t been glued to their screens like I have the past few days, let’s start at the beginning. From the second day on, Newcastle proved to be interesting. The round of 32 saw a major upset with local rookie Morgan Cibilic taking out the then rankings leader John John Florence. And he didn’t just eek out a win against John. He beat him soundly, using his local knowledge of the unpredictable and tricky beachbreak conditions to throw down an 8.1 and a 9.03 against John’s 7.83 and 5.33.

Gabriel Medina Picked Andy King as Surf Coach; Drops Charlie

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Charlie Rodrigues is not longer Gabriel Medina’s surf coach. Photo: World Surf League/Kirstin
Gabriel Medina is one the savviest competitive surfers on Earth. Hell, he might be the most savvy. He surfs to win, which, in a contest setting, is a good thing. Gabriel Medina recently made what he hopes is a savvy pick, hiring Andy King as his new coach.
Ever since Medina first began seriously competing, his step dad Charlie Rodrigues has been the one wearing the coaching hat. Charlie was famously loud, furiously passionate, and likely instilled that take-no-prisoners attitude in the two-time world champion. Charlie and Gabriel celebrated together and cried together over the years, and many of those years were a little controversial. Take, for example, the time Charlie was banned from WSL events for a few months.

World Surfing League tournament lineup is back, but at what cost?

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April 5, 2021 in Columns, Sports
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keeping an eye on the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup countdown after three days of standby. On the first day back since the Billabong Pipe Masters and Maui Pro in December and an even longer hiatus since international lockdowns were implemented in March 2020, small waves led to big results. 
It is an exciting time in competitive surfing. World champions like Tyler Wright, John John Florence and Gabriel Medina are at the height of their careers and are going against Australia natives Stephanie Gilmore and Ryan Callinan. The most memorable performances belong to the athletes that showed their small-wave prowess, including fellow Aries Filipe Toledo, San Clementian Crosby Colapinto and 19-year-old Caroline Marks.

So Day One Is Done - What Lies Ahead?

So Day One Is Done - What Lies Ahead?
Round one of the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup gives us an idea of how this thing’s going to run.
You just know airs will feature here. Yago Dora, elevating to a second place in his first heat. Photo: Dunbar/WSL
Nick Carroll
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Yeah, the surf wasn’t too flash, and yeah, it was a Thursday, and yeah, it was April 1. (Not bothering with a joke here, it’s too tedious.) But for professional surfing, it was the opening day that so easily might not have happened.

Year-Round Surfing in the Maldives at its Best: Niyama Private Islands Welcomes Professional Surf Photographer Erick Proost To Capture Guests Riding the Waves, Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Pressemitteilung

Renowned professional surf photographer, Erick Proost is to start a three-month residency at Niyama Private Islands in the Maldives, the only luxury resort in the Maldives with its own wave breaking onto the shore. Returning to the resort for the third time, Erick will be available from 8 March to capture action images of guests riding the waves during their stay at the resort.
Niyama Private Islands has two islands - Play and Chill, which are connected by a bridge. Vodi wave is just off the shore of Play Island and is a powerful and sometimes hollow left hander. Off to the west and five minutes away by speedboat, Kasabu is a rippable and hollow right hander. Beginners can learn with the resort's instructors in the lagoon and there are a number of other surf spots in and around the Dhaalu Atoll that can be reached by speedboat or seaplane.

WSL Presents: Watch John John Florence Make History The 2021 Billabong Pipe Masters Presented By Hydroflask

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WSL Presents: Watch John John Florence Make History The 2021 Billabong Pipe Masters Presented By Hydroflask
Updated: Monday, March 8, 2021
The 2021 Billabong Pipe Masters presented by Hydro Flask marked the 50th running of the historic event on the North Shore of Oahu. The event took place under unprecedented circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a host of safety protocols and a digital-only event.
Despite the unique challenges surfers and event staff faced, the event will forever be remembered as John John Florence's long-awaited, and much deserved first Pipe Masters victory.
For Florence, winning the Pipe Masters was a moment he's dreamed about all his life. In winning his first Pipe Masters trophy, he became the first surfer from Hawaii to take top honors since Andy Irons back in 2006.

This Maldives Resort Has a Professional Surf Photographer to Catch Your Epic Shred

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Niyama Private Islands in the Maldives wants you to not only come hang ten on its private wave, but the resort also wants to capture every moment of your adventure, too.
In March, the resort announced that it's welcoming renowned professional surf photographer Erick Proost for a three-month residency. That means Proost will be on hand to capture action shots of any guests who head out to ride the waves during their stay.
surf photographer at Niyama Private Islands Maldives resort
Image zoom
Courtesy of Niyama Private Islands Maldives
As the resort explained, while the Maldives is home to some of the best waves in the world, especially during the nation's peak surf season from April to November, Niyama is the perfect place to paddle out year-round. That's because it's home to Vodi, the resort's own wave, which breaks directly onto the shore in front of the resort and is accessible simply by paddling out from the beach.

Body Glove Signs Surfer Jesse Mendes to Its Athlete Team

Mar 4, 2021
Jesse Mendes, the Brazilian-born professional surfer based out of Kauai, officially joins the Body Glove athlete team. Mendes is a 28-year-old goofyfooter who grew up in Gauruja, a small city just outside São Paulo. He caught the surf world’s attention while competing regularly against friends and fellow Brazilians Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina. Known for a progressive aerial game, dynamic single maneuvers and a balanced approach to competitive surfing, Mendes is the newest addition to Body Glove’s growing team of professional surfers. Mendes joins his wife Tatiana Weston-Webb and recent signee Hunter Jones on the Body Glove athlete roster.

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