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New mural the latest step in beautifying downtown Orlando

A new mural official unveiled in downtown Orlando on Thursday evening is just the start of making downtown an even more appealing place to visit, officials say.

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"Dinosaur Dust to Future Apocalypse" --Earth's Mass Extinction Cycles

Sixty Six million years ago it would have been a pleasant day one second and the world was already over by the next, wrote Peter Brannen about the Mount Everest sized asteroid that blasted a hole in the ground, the Chicxulub Impact, releasing the equivalent of 100 million megatons of TNT creating a 20-mile deep, 110-mile hole and sterilizing the remaining 170 million square miles of the ancient continent of Pangaea, killing virtually every species on Earth.
“As the asteroid collided with the earth in the sky above it where there should have been air,” adds Brannen, “the rock had punched a hole of outer space vacuum in the atmosphere. As the heavens rushed in to close this hole, enormous volumes of earth were expelled into orbit and beyond—all within a second or two of impact.”

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