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family and buckingham palace should have done more to support them. it was almost like a rite of passage. and some of the members of the family was like, "but my wife had to go through "that so why should your girlfriend be treated any differently? "why should you get special treatment? "why should she be protected? i said the difference here is the race element. meghan too evidently believes she wasn't given a fair chance by the palace or the press. but truth be told. no matter how hard i tried or how good i was. no matter what i did. they were still going to find a way to destroy me. there is no explicit allegation against royal family members on the race issue, though harry says there is unconscious bias. in this family, sometimes you

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Georgetown council member hopes to reduce 61% water rate hike

Outgoing Georgetown City Council member, David Lusby is trying to score one, last win for his constituents. He’s good with numbers, and he’s always cared about working for this city’s residents.

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The ReidOut

of relief, as you can imagine. i have cried, i have laughed, i have smiled. i have -- just everything. it's just a roller coaster of mostly good emotions. and yet also we recognize that paul whelan's family, david whelan, who i had the opportunity to speak with a few months ago, a really emotional, heartfelt conversation for the two of us, supporting each other and just recognizing that we are now connected. so it has been the highs and lows of that. but i would not be honest if i wasn't saying that my heart is overjoyed for bg, for cherelle, for her family, and for the 144, that's what we call the members of our union. >> i gotta say, if you look at this sort of the arc of the last couple years, wnba players got rid of republican senator in

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so, what we want to be certain is that the law of the land remains that we have marriage equality, that every american would have access to marriage. so, the legislation we pass today will ensure that anyone who is married in any state, that that marriage, as long as is lawfully performed, will be recognized in every other state. the lgbtq community has come under attack very significantly over the last several years, and the supreme court is working hard to take away freedoms and rights. we want to make sure that we protect marriage equality for all members of the community so that every american has full access to marriage. we did that today in a strong bipartisan vote. the president will sign it, and is a good day. >> representative, you talk about supreme court justices and their activism. there was some amazing testimony today about influences on supreme court justices. we don't always have to agree with justices come to decisions. i can point out that clarence thomas benefited from a front of action, even if he dislikes

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All In With Chris Hayes

recognition of same sex marriages and formerly repeals dome of has now passed both the senate and the house. it was the right wing supreme courts threat, particularly clarence thomas threats to overturn the case that legalized same sex marriage that prompted lawmakers in both houses to take action. the bill now goes to president joe biden's desk where he will sign it. well, 39 republicans joined democrats in passing the bill. 169 house republicans, the majority of the caucus, voted no. some members of that caucus took to the floor to literally cry about it. >> traditional biblical marriage is the foundation of a strong society, and a strong culture. i will say it once again. almost everything that plagues our society is a failure to follow god's design for marriage, morality, and the family. >> the democrats want americans to believe that supreme court any moment, in fact, the chairman just referenced this. at any moment could stack in and overturn's opinions and

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The ReidOut

georgia, fought for black lives matter, have now organized and helped bring home a player. what are the conversations like amongst wnba players? obviously, they're overjoyed but are they empowered thinking wow, we're athletes and we have also been able to affect international change? what are the conversations happening amongst players right now? >> since 2016, when they stood up unified for black lives matter, and 2017 against racial hate in charlottesville, for years on issues surrounding voting rights, reproductive rights, lgbtq rights. our members understand the power of their voice, particularly the power of the collective. they understand what it means to be a part of a union. and we as the players association staff are right there supporting them on the court and off the court with their advocacy.

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the message from the government quite harshly by that? that the message from the government quite harshly by that?— quite harshly by that? that is the ho -e quite harshly by that? that is the hope on _ quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the _ quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side - quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side of i quite harshly by that? that is the hope on the side of the i the hope on the side of the government because they are following the old, tired playbook they have. they are using every tool in their toolbox which noah's executions. i don't have to have an opinion on that. already tonight in tehran and throughout the country we saw a lot of anger and protest back on the street. so, this is only going to inflame the situation because they have killed over 450 because they have killed over a50 including 60 children in the streets. so, now if they think executions are going to be intimidating the protesters, i think they are very wrong because this is, bought 90 days always, it is unfolding like nothing before, and people are determined to continue. indeed. we have heard _ determined to continue. indeed. we have heard some _ determined to continue. indeed. i we have heard some condemnation from members of the international community, but our words enough? what more do you want to see from the

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All In With Chris Hayes

monarch, is a 71-year-old aristocrat named heimlich the 13th. he comes from an ancient german family that ruled the country for several centuries. all male heirs heinrich, filed by a number, they go to 100 and then they start over. now heinrich that 13th, we are looking at their, has been arrested, along with 24 other members of the group, germany's interior minister called, quote, and i'm in a democracy. he also said that the government responded against such plots with a full force law. which of course makes sense. not the same day, the very same day, halfway around the road, the other hemisphere, another democratic crisis is brewing. this one to peru where the president pedro castillo faced an impeachment vote and went on tv to announce that he will dissolve the legislature. he said that there will be new elections and a new constitution. his vice president and supreme court called it a coup attempt, plainly was. plainly was. several members

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Erin Burnett OutFront

his sister tomorrow. >> viktor bout landing in moscow. this is the woman who spent 15 years tracking him down is "out front." plus, multiple involvements surrounding trump and criminal referrals for trump and four other members of his inner circle as the justice department asks a federal judge to hold him in contempt. a chinese man putting his life and that of his family's in jeopardy by tweeting out photos of protests. it's a an "out front" exclusive. and effortlessly responds to both of you. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. proven quality sleep. only from sleep number.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

we released an arms dealer that starts wars in places that marine and service members responds to and right now we placed the priority of the famous basketball player over the marine. >> tucker: that's such a smart point. we released the guy who starts the conflicts that marines have to respond to in order to leave the marine behind. do you think, i mean, you live in a different world from those of us in the media but people who have taken up arms in defense of the country like you have, do you think that they see this? the military enlisted and officer ranks understand what's going on here? >> absolutely, tucker. i think president biden's comment that vladimir putin didn't give him a choice just shows the weakened position that our leaders are in right now. we need a leader with courage. we need a leader that can do what we as the american people expect them to do. and right now, i just don't see that across the board from our leaders. >> tucker: yes. it's distressing and humiliating as it has been so much recently.

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