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Illinois 68, Michigan 53

If there are such thing as moral victories when your season is on the rocks, tonight is one. With just nine bodies, two of which were the seldom used Jaron Faulds and Jace Howard, Michigan Basketball managed to hang with #25 Illinois for all of 35 minutes tonight, before the heavily favored Illini pulled away at the end en route to a 68-53 victory. Many fans expected a blowout from the jump, after it was announced that Hunter Dickinson could not go in what was set to be a premiere clash with Kofi Cockburn, but the Wolverines hung tough and in the process, put together maybe their best emotional effort of the season. Problem is, it was still a loss, and that's why Michigan is now 7-7 and in massive trouble. 
As expected, the Wolverines were brutal offensively with this particular lineup. It was a surprisingly high level of defensive compete that kept them in the game for most of the contest, in addition to a high offensive rebounding clip. Michigan was tight with Illinois from the very beginning, with both teams trading scores until the first eight minutes ended tied at 10 apiece. In that stretch was the morsel that epitomized how the first 35 minutes went for the visitors: 6'7" Jace Howard swatting 7'0" Kofi Cockburn. Something no one could have imagined happening back in October.
Part of the reason that happened, however, was the bad news that struck Michigan in the first eight minutes, when Moussa Diabate, Michigan's lone scholarship player capable of playing the five available, took his second foul on a stupid over the back just five minutes in. To the bench went the Frenchman and Michigan was forced to bring Faulds out, as well as Howard to try and cobble together small ball lineups to hang in there. Which, as the Jace block showed, went far better than anyone anticipated. 

Not exactly the size matchup we wanted, but hey we got a cool block out of it! [Campredon]
The first half continued in back-and-forth fashion with both teams bricking three pointer after three pointer. The two squads combined to start the game 0/12 from distance when Alfonso Plummer finally made a three with 6:09 remaining in the first half. At the time, it stretched the Illinois lead to seven, which would soon jump up to nine, but Michigan was not done. DeVante' Jones, who played one of his best games in a Michigan uniform, poured in the next six points for his team to cut the Fighting Illini lead back down to three. Illinois had a couple answers from Cockburn sandwiched around a Jones three pointer, and it was 26-22 at the break in favor of the home team. 
The second half was a constant battle between Illinois trying to run away and Michigan making it close again through a combination of defense, hustle (notably offensive rebounds), and contributions from surprising places. The youth movement took full force to start the latter stanza, as Michigan's first nine points in the second half were scored by freshmen, with Kobe Bufkin and Frankie Collins getting an extensive run for the Wolverines. Illinois would stretch it to 8 or 10, and then Michigan would answer and cut it to one score, and the cycle would repeat itself. 
Indeed, Michigan was running up the floor with the ball down just one with a little over seven minutes to play after a Kobe Bufkin steal. That possession would come up empty, though, and a couple turnover-riddled possessions + productive Illinois offensive trips later and it was a 7-0 Illini run in the span of about a minute. Michigan then trailed by eight with just 5:36 to go. That was the moment when the car ran out of gas and a quick closing spurt by Trent Frazier was enough to slam the door and the ranked Illini won. The final was 68-53, but the game as outlined above, was much closer for the first 35 minutes or so. It was just the ending that got away. 

Some more Frankie and Kobe please? [Campredon]
Jones led Michigan with 17 points; no other Wolverine scored in double figures. The point guard was a reasonably efficient 7/16 from the field, and 1/2 from three. No other player made a three pointer, and the rest of the team combined to shoot just 34% overall. The 15 offensive rebounds help, but part of that stat is a function of missing so many shots. It was ugly offensively. There were some brief moments of brilliance from Kobe Bufkin and Frankie Collins that merit more of a look, but the two also combined for four turnovers. If nothing else, perhaps this effort forces Juwan Howard to give the reserve freshmen more of a look. 
The one freshman consistently in the starting lineup, Caleb Houstan, continued his skid. He was a woeful 2/9 from the field and 0/4 from three, now 2 for his last 21 from three in the past five games. Woof. Moussa Diabate showed the whole Moussa experience, inopportune fouls, solid defense, offensive potential, but also wildness and turnovers. Both Faulds and Howard were ofer from the floor, while Eli Brooks scored just seven points on 3/11 shooting. Not good enough. It was a good team effort to hang tough shorthanded, but wins are going to be needed ASAP for a team that's now lost three straight and four of five. 
Michigan is now 7-7 and 1-3 in the conference, facing a crucial week against Indiana and Maryland. That matchup with the Terps is at 7:00 on Tuesday night on ESPN2. There is no content after the jump. 

UCF 85, Michigan 71 | mgoblog

Michigan Basketball's slide off the bubble and into the tournament danger zone continued in the final game of 2021. In need of simply a single decent non-conference win to pad the resume, the Wolverines could not get it amid a spectacular second-half collapse fueled by offensive droughts and memorable shooting dominance from the Golden Knights' Darin Green Jr. and Brandon Mahan. After leading 35-31 at halftime— and 49-37 with 16 minutes to go— Michigan lost 85-71 to UCF. At 7-5 and with no real quality wins to speak of heading into the meat of conference play, Michigan Basketball is in trouble. 
The first half went alright for the Wolverines. DeVante' Jones scored 7 points on 3/5 shooting and snagged five boards, also helping Michigan break UCF's occasional full-court press. Hunter Dickinson and Moussa Diabate both had their struggles around the basket due to Pitt big man Cheikh Mbacke Diong, but Eli Brooks added a couple early buckets that bolstered Michigan's offense. On the UCF side, the first twenty minutes were all about Darin Green Jr., who went 6/8 from the field (including 4/6 from three), carrying an otherwise very poor offense forward. After a dunk at the buzzer was waived off, Michigan took a 35-31 lead into the break and felt okay. 
That feeling got even better after a strong start to the second half. Michigan embarked on a 9-1 run in the first 2:21 of the second half, including a Devante' Jones three pointer, Diabate going 2/2 from the line, a beautiful drive and pass from Eli Brooks to set up a Hunter Dickinson jam, and then a Jones steal on the ensuing in-bounds pass leading to an Eli bucket. Michigan led 44-32 and forced UCF head coach Johnny Dawkins to call timeout. Another minute+ bled off the clock and the margin stayed consistent, with Michigan up by that 49-37 edge I mentioned in the first paragraph. That's when things went off the rails. 

At least Devante' Jones wasn't bad on offense! [Campredon]
Despite a middling first half, Brandon Mahan started to turn it on, nailing back-to-back threes and scoring eight straight UCF points. After he got a little help from Darin Green Jr., Michigan was really in trouble. Over the span of just 4:15 of game time, the Golden Knights embarked on an 18-2 run (!!!!). 14 of the 18 points were from Mahan and Green Jr. Michigan's offense ran dry over that stretch and those two scorers made tough shots off the dribble, even when Michigan was able to track them off switches (wasn't always the case). The home UCF crowd may not have been plentiful, but they got loud in this stretch of the game and the Wolverines appeared rattled. 
An Eli Brooks jumper trimmed the score to 57-56 but Mahan knocked down another three and a crucial swing moment occurred: Terrance Williams II dribbled down the court and went up for a layup against a UCF defender who appeared to have his foot on the restricted circle. The collision was ruled an offensive foul and with the emotions flowing, Juwan Howard was whistled for a technical foul. Mahan made both free throws and Michigan trailed by six. 
Kobe Bufkin was a pleasant sign on offense [Campredon]
Still, the Maize & Blue fought back to within one score with over seven minutes to play. That's when the offense stalled as several floaters and tip-ins from seemingly every player glanced off the rim and out. Michigan scored one point over a four minute stretch, during which UCF stretched the lead to nine. By the time Michigan finally made a FG, there were just over three minutes to play.
UCF's offense couldn't be stopped in part because Mahan and Green Jr. couldn't miss. Some of that was Michigan leaving those players open on occasion, but again, even when covered, they were dead-on. The second half box score is staggering. UCF shot 72% from the field and went 8/8 on threes. Mahan and Green Jr. combined for 11/12 from the field and accounted for all eight three pointers, summing for 33 points. UCF also went to the line 13 times and made 10 of them, hanging 54 on Michigan in the second half. Even in the waning moments when Kobe Bufkin and Eli Brooks added late threes, the UCF sharpshooters answered every time. The margin didn't budge and then UCF added a few free throws to win by 14. 
In total, Michigan shot 40% from both the field and three, actually knocking down shots from distance but not effective enough inside, and when you're up against shooters converting at the clip that UCF's did, it was going to take a lot more. Eli Brooks led the way with 18 points for the Wolverines. Michigan is now 7-5 and reeling yet again, with the B1G schedule about to really hit full swing. The team will be in Piscataway, NJ, to take on Rutgers on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM EST. 
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Minnesota 75, Michigan 65

With 7:50 to go in the contest, FS1 displayed a graphic that showed the following stats: 
"second half points:
- Battle/Willis: 23 points 
- Michigan's entire team: 14 points" 
That sums up most of what you need to know about tonight's game. After a competitive first half that saw Michigan lead by four at the break, Minnesota poured in points on the backs of their two superior shotmakers, Jamison Battle and Payton Willis. Michigan had no answers defensively, and no shotmakers of the same caliber en route to a 17% shooting clip from three point range. The offense was stuck in the mud, the defense couldn't get stops, and in the process, the underdog Golden Gophers decisively beat Michigan in their home gym. After two straight wins that seemed to indicate that Michigan Basketball was steering back on course, tonight was a severe disappointment.  
The first half wasn't terrible for Michigan. Some of the issues that manifested in screaming fashion in the second half were present in the opening 20 minutes, including poor three point shooting, sloppy turnovers, and tough buckets made by Minnesota. But still the Wolverines led, in large part due to a dominant effort from Hunter Dickinson. The undersized Gophers had no answers for the Michigan big man, going 7/8 from the field with eight boards and knocking down a couple long twos. Moussa Diabate's return to the lineup was also big, as the Frenchman chipped in five points. Eli Brooks had 7 on 3/8 from the field. 
Minnesota hung tight because thanks to some tough shots being made by Stephens, Loewe, and Battle. Those three combined for 26, while the remaining five players to touch the floor totaled just six points. It was not a perfect half, but Michigan did enough to get to the break with the lead, because they had the best player on the floor in Dickinson. That changed in the second half. 

Dickinson led Michigan in the first half [Campredon]
Until the final four minutes, Michigan simply could not get stops against the Minnesota offense. Their ball screen defense was poor all game long, and Minnesota was able to switch their guards onto slower Michigan defenders, ending in blow bys and easy makes at the rack. When Michigan did play good defense, Battle and Willis drilled tough shots off the dribble. Juwan Howard tinkered with lineups, tried different things out, and nothing got the defensive momentum they needed. 
It's not like the offense did much better though. Dickinson's magic touch dissipated as the double teams came and he seemed out of rhythm on the interior. Michigan shot 20% from three and the floor spacing problems that naturally come with that inability to shoot followed it. The Wolverines didn't score for a solid four minutes between the 10:22 remaining and the 6:09 remaining mark. DeVante' Jones drives were one of the only source of offense during this window, but nearly the entire impact of that was muted when he committed a foul underneath the basket that engendered a six point Minnesota trip down the floor as the Gophers made consecutive three pointers. 
When Jamison Battle scored to put Minnesota up 66-50 with 6:22 to go, your author began to write a lede about how Michigan had been run out of the building. That didn't quite come to be accurate thanks to a late Wolverines charge, but it was only lipstick on a pig and further illustrated the problems that already existed. Michigan finally got a couple threes to go down and paired it with a few stops to whittle the lead down to 66-60 with 3:55 left, a quick 10-0 charge. After that point, the defense continued to clamp down, but the offense was impotent again.

Not a lot of these shots went down [Campredon]
Eli Brooks clanked a three pointer off the iron and Hunter Dickinson was called for a marginal push-off foul. Minnesota's Luke Loewe missed the front end of a one-and-one but then Dickinson didn't put up a shot despite a clear lane to the bucket. Over this several minute stretch, Michigan played great full court defense and got multiple 10-second violation turnovers, yet the Wolverines did not score for over two minutes, until there was under a minute left and the score was 70-63. Just not good enough. 
In the end, Dickinson led Michigan with 19 points on 9/15 from the field, but his day was really a tale of two halves and the second half was a bad one. Eli Brooks had 12 points and made two of Michigan's three triples, but failed to be a go-to guy when the offense was sputtering. Jones added 14 points, but his inability to shoot from deep and lateral mobility were major negatives. Moussa Diabate and Caleb Houstan scored 7 and 8, respectively, but accounted for half of the Wolverines' turnovers. 
This can be contrasted with Minnesota, who had go-to shooters. Payton Willis and Jamison Battle took 31 combined shots and scored 44 combined points. With Dickinson muzzled, Michigan had no similar answer. 
After a couple of promising wins, this performance was another anchor on the resume and the splash of cold water to the face called reality. This Wolverines team has a long way to go still and Juwan Howard needs to continue working with this team. Consistent improvements are needed quickly, especially for when Michigan's threes don't go down, as they didn't tonight. Michigan will be back in action next Saturday at 7:00 PM EST against Southern Utah. That game will be on Big Ten Network. 
[Click The Jump for the box score]

HomeSure Lending MGo-Pregame Party Near Stadium + A Round on Me - RSVP

First off, a very hearty Go Blue! This ___ eating grin I have been wearing since Saturday afternoon just won't seem to go away.

I found a bar that looks very servicable right near the stadium to host an unofficial get-together.  I would love to buy all my fellow MGoNerds (who are on the RSVP list) a round of drinks at 6:30 before heading to the game.

They have agreed to have the basketball game on at 1pm with sound and to have the sound on for the pregame show.

According to James Edwards III the Detroit Pistons have waived Derrick Walton, Cassius Stanley and Jared Cunningham. Stanley played his college basketball at Duke and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

According to James Edwards III, the Detroit Pistons have waived Derrick Walton, Cassius Stanley and Jared Cunningham. Stanley played his college basketball at Duke and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

According to James Edwards III the Detroit Pistons have waived Derrick Walton, Cassius Stanley and Jared Cunningham. Stanley played his college basketball at Duke and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

According to James Edwards III, the Detroit Pistons have waived Derrick Walton, Cassius Stanley and Jared Cunningham. Stanley played his college basketball at Duke and was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the 2020 NBA Draft.

NBA: Check Out The Michigan Air Jordans That This Former Brooklyn Nets And Current Indiana Pacers Star Was Wearing At Media Day - Sports Illustrated Indiana Pacers news, analysis and more

Caris LeVert was wearing a cool pair of University of Michigan Air Jordan 5's at Indiana Pacers media day. He is heading into his second season in Indiana after he was traded by the Brooklyn Nets last season.

Michigan Freshman Star, Hunter Dickinson Declares For The 2021 NBA Draft

Hunter Dickinson made a huge impact at Michigan in his freshmen year, and unfortunately for Wolverine fans, it might be the only year they get.

Sophomore Franz Wagner leaves Michigan, enters NBA draft

Sophomore Franz Wagner leaves Michigan, enters NBA draft
Associated Press
Franz Wagner #21 of the Michigan Wolverines celebrates in the final moments of the second half of their Sweet Sixteen round game against the Florida State Seminoles in the 2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on March 28, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (2021 Getty Images)
ANN ARBOR – Franz Wagner is entering the NBA draft.
The Michigan sophomore made the announcement Tuesday.
Wagner averaged 12 points, six-plus rebounds and two assists over two seasons. The 6-foot-9, 220-pound Wagner was a second-team All-Big Ten player. The German native helped Michigan win a Big Ten title and reach a regional final in the NCAA Tournament.

MLive Media Group wins 51 AP awards for 2020 coverage

MLive Media Group wins 51 AP awards for 2020 coverage
Updated 10:55 AM;
Today 10:12 AM
Protesters hold hands as they prepare for the police to disperse the crowd to enforce the 7 p.m. curfew at Fulton Street and Ionia Avenue in Grand Rapids on Monday, June 1, 2020. The Michigan National Guard, Michigan State Police and Grand Rapids Police are guarding the main artery of downtown after Saturday night's riot in which multiple businesses and government buildings were damaged and police cruisers burned. This photo was part of a photo story that won first place, as well as third place individually for Best Spot News Photo.Cory Morse

University of Michigan's Isaiah Livers has surgery on injured foot

University of Michigan’s Isaiah Livers has surgery on injured foot
Associated Press
Michigan forward Isaiah Livers (2) is defended by Michigan State guard Joshua Langford (1) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Sunday, March 7, 2021, in East Lansing, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)
ANN ARBOR – University of Michigan senior Isaiah Livers had surgery on his right foot Friday.
The school said the operation was performed by Dr. David Porter at Methodist Sports Medicine Center in Carmel, Indiana. Recovery time is expected to be a minimum of six months.
Michigan announced during the Big Ten Tournament that Livers had a stress injury in his foot, and he did not play in the NCAA Tournament.

U-M's first COVID patient reflects; Howard Big Ten Coach of the Year; Summer Fest 2021 plans

Happy Friday!
I hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather these past few days. Thank you for reading.
This week marked one year since Michigan’s first coronavirus cases were confirmed. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. Remember when people thought life would only be interrupted for a month or two?
Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan Medicine began treating patients right as cases were detected. One of those first cases was Paul DeWyse -- U-M’s first official COVID patient. In a recent interview with the health system, he recalls turning on the TV in his isolation room and seeing news reporters gathered outside the hospital talking about his case. He said he is grateful to be alive, having received a double lung transplant in 2018. Watch that interview here.

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