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Report: Nearly 1 in 5 Airbnb listings in L.A. violate law

The Better Neighbors LA coalition called for bigger penalties on illegal short-term rentals. Airbnb said the group is using “questionable statistics.”

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UK Alum Establishes Dorothy Dowling Fish Scholarship to Benefit College of Fine Arts Students

Nancy Fish Hanna has established The Dorothy Dowling Fish Scholarship in honor of her late mother to benefit the UK College of Fine Arts.

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Altoona Santa visits with kids online

A retired pastor's virtual Santa visits brings smiles to kids' faces and benefits a local charity.
Author: Jon Diaz
Updated: 10:17 PM CST December 13, 2020
ALTOONA, Iowa — These days, kids sitting on Santa's lap seems like a distant memory.  And often, an in person visit involves a plexiglass divider.  Suffice it to say, visits with Santa just aren't what they used to be.  
Retired Altoona pastor, and part-time Santa, Jeff Hanna has seen this first-hand this year.  "For the most part people weren't interested in hiring a Santa live," he said.
So, he's adapting.  He's taken visits with Santa virtual.
"I thought about. Do we chuck the whole idea? I thought , 'We've been zooming; everyone's zooming.  So, we could do Santa zooms,'" he said.

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