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[ANALYSIS] Luxury brands find future with 'metaverse,' blockchain

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[ANALYSIS] Luxury brands find future with 'metaverse,' blockchain
Posted : 2021-05-05 09:15
By Kim Jae-heun
High-end fashion companies reluctant to sell their products online, encourage customers to visit their boutiques and "experience" the brand in person so they can observe the craftsmanship of their handbags and apparel. Luxury brands hate the idea of people just browsing over pictures of their items uploaded online and purchasing them with the simple click of a mouse.
However, the accelerating global trend of digitization has changed the luxury goods industry, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. And companies are learning that information technology can maximize their brand value.

Remember the Disaster Girl meme? Disaster Girl NFT sells for $500,000

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NFT (Non-Fungible Token) auction sales see 'Disaster Girl' NFT selling for over $500,000 -- or 180 Ethereum at Foundation auction.

Girl From 'Disaster Girl' Meme Makes Half a Million Dollars From NFT

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Zoë Roth, who became a popular meme known as "Disaster Girl" has reportedly made almost $500,000 from an NFT auction of the meme.

Girl From 'Disaster Girl' Meme Makes Half a Million Dollars From NFT

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Zoë Roth, who became a popular meme known as "Disaster Girl" has reportedly made almost $500,000 from an NFT auction of the meme.

David Datuna, the banana-eating artist from Art Basel, loves NFTs — Quartz

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April 30, 2021
In some eyes, many NFT transactions can be classified as absurdist propositions. Trading cryptocurrency for a catalog of weird digital assets—from tweets,YouTube videos, odious sound clips, virtual sofas, renderings of luxury bags, or even news articles—can read like a prank.
So it makes perfect sense that David Datuna, the Georgia-born artist who gained wide notoriety for brazenly eating Maurizo Catellan’s $120,000 absurdist banana art at the 2019 Art Basel Miami fair, would enter the scene. Earlier this week, he revealed his first foray into NFTs with a series of five mixed media collages being auctioned on Rarible starting on May 6. (The cryptoart online marketplace also has a listing for a gif of Datuna’s infamous Art Basel banana moment—an “art performance” titled “Hungry Artist.”)

Dunkaroos Releases 10 NFTs

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Dunkaroos Releases 10 NFTs

Dunkaroos recently announced the return of Chocolate Dunkaroos this summer, but that's not the only big news about the cult favorite throwback snack. On Wednesday, Dunkaroos got in on the NFT game with their own take on the trend -- Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens. That's right, Dunkaroos is offering their own NFT in the form of 90s inspired artwork up for auction at
Up for auction between Wednesday, April 28 and Saturday, May 1 are 10, 90s-inspired artworks that feature the Dunkaroos cookie and frosting duo as well as the mascot Duncan, but this isn't your regular NFT auction. The winners of these one-of-a-kind "New Frosting Tokens" won't just own the digital artwork, they'll also be the first to get their hands on Chocolate Dunkaroos. The highest bidder on each of the 10 Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens will have sole ownership of a minted piece of digital art and will receive packs of Chocolate Dunkaroos before they hit store shelves. All profits from the sale of the Dunkaroos New Frosting Tokens will go to Feeding America. You can check out the Dunkaroos NFTs here.

Basquiat NFT Removed After Controversy

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Free Comb with Pagoda has been pulled from OpenSea after his estate clarified that it will still retain the drawing’s license and rights.
The Basquiat archive’s licensing agent David Stark confirmed to
The Art Newspaper that the Basquiat estate still owns the copyright of the 1986 mixed media work. “No license or rights were conveyed to the seller and the NFT has subsequently been removed from sale,” he said in a statement.
The auction of the NFT was sponsored by DAYstrom which initially shared that the sale will include “all related IP and copyright in perpetuity” and that the highest bidder can “deconstruct” the physical drawing if they choose to — allowing them to have “the NFT as the only remaining form of Basquiat’s work to exist.”

'Disaster Girl' of Meme Fame Sells Photo for $430K

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'); b.push("");for(var c=0;c

Chadwick Boseman NFT to Get Redesign After Outcry Over 'Triggering Reminder of His Death'

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Chadwick Boseman NFT to Get Redesign After Outcry Over 'Triggering Reminder of His Death'
Animator Andre Oshea, who created the artwork included in gift bags for all Oscar nominees, will alter the design of the 3D digital tribute dedicated to the late actor before it's auctioned off later this week.
Apr 27, 2021
AceShowbiz -
An NFT of
Chadwick Boseman, which was included in gift bags for all Oscar nominees, is getting a redesign. The digital tribute to the late actor sparked backlash from fans who thought that it was both a slap in the face following the actor's loss to

RECUR hopes NFT boom will be crypto bridge for legacy brands

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CEOs eye chain-agnostic NFTs as crypto bridge for household-name brands

SEGA will start selling NFTs

NFTs have become the latest controversial blockchain technology, allowing people to (in theory) sell digital art in a similar way to that of a physical piece of media – offering an authenticated sense of ownership over a particular piece. The practice has been steep in controversy due to a number of reasons. Despite this, SEGA has announced its intentions to begin selling NFTs later this year.
In a Japanese press release, as translated by DeepL, SEGA has announced that it will “collaborate with double Inc. to Develop NFT Digital Content Using Blockchain Technology Globally.”
These NFTs are linked directly to popular SEGA IP, with the publisher announcing its intention to “sequentially sell a wealth of digital assets, such as visual art from the time of launch and video and background music used in games, as NFT content for a number of classic IPs that were developed for hardware released by SEGA in the past and are still highly popular around the world.”

What's in the 2021 Oscar swag bag? — Quartz

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April 25, 2021
The Academy Awards changed several long-standing rules this year, but one tradition has firmly remained intact: the swag bag.
For nearly 20 years, the 25 nominees for best actor, actress, and director receive a commercial cornucopia of products and vouchers for exotic trips and services from brands hoping for some celebrity media exposure. This year, the “Everybody Wins” package, true to pandemic custom, will be delivered to nominees via Postmates.
Distinctive Assets
Commercial cornucopia: “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bag
Distinctive Assets, the Los Angeles-based product placement company that assembles the Oscar gift bags, says that they chose merchandise to evoke themes from the fraught pandemic year. “We did want the bags to feel like they had a bigger purpose than just, ‘here’s a bag full of free stuff,’” explained Lash Fary, the marketing firm’s founder, to Fortune. “All of the bags that we’ve been doing have been from female-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, disabled entrepreneurs, and companies who give back—even ones that you wouldn’t necessarily think give back.”

Crypto: Here Are Our Top Stories of the Week

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Blockchain assets have continued to rise in popularity, with cryptocurrency prices booming and NFT‘s selling for top dollar.
The proliferation of these digital assets has created new opportunities for blockchain and investors around the world are eager to get involved.
HYPEBEAST has rounded up the top crypto stories of the week so you can stay in-the-know about these digital trends:

This New App Lets You Turn Anything and Everything Into an NFT

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This New App Lets You Turn Anything and Everything Into an NFT
Photo: mundissima (Shutterstock)
Despite the fact that a majority of Americans still don’t know what an NFT is, the non-fungibles have really taken over the country—burrowing their way into our wallets and also, apparently, our hearts.
America’s confusion likely stems from the fact that NFTs can be pretty much anything. Since the designation refers to a technical process by which a digital file is minted on the blockchain and transformed into a crypto asset, lots of stuff can qualify—so long as it goes through that process. So while the list of non-fungibles has included highfalutin content like postmodern murals and digital art videos, it has also included images of toilet paper, Gucci Mane’s sneakers, and something called a Pringles CryptoCrisp.

Shift - Living in the Digital Age | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW

Shift - Living in the Digital Age
Digital art is selling for millions - thanks largely to NFTs, which are like authenticity certificates in the blockchain. NFTs create new opportunities for artists, but also copyright issues and high carbon emissions.
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NFT Fraud and Counterfeiting | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW

NFT Fraud and Counterfeiting
Theoretically, anyone can create an NFT for a work of art and put it up for sale. This presents a danger for artists. How can they protect their work in the digital space?
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Crypto Art the Climate Killer | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW

Crypto Art the Climate Killer
NFTs are used to trade digital art on the blockchain. The problem is that each transaction consumes an enormous amount of energy. Some say crypto art’s carbon footprint makes it unsustainable.
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Ralph Steadman 'Fear and Loathing at Nifty Gateway'

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Ralph Steadman Mints Iconic 'Fear and Loathing' Illustrations as NFTs: As part of a crypto collection called 'Fear and Loathing at Nifty Gateway.'

Doge Day Slim Jim Launch First NFT for Charity

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In celebration of Doge Day, the iconic protein snack brand Slim Jim released its first-ever NFT on April 20.
Taking on the Doge philosophy of “Doing Only Good Everyday” and even HIGHER, the NFT artwork entitled
Rocket Stick Special Edition highlights the Shiba Inu “Doge” as the moon and a Slim Jim rocket.
100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the World Central Kitchen (WCK) along with a donation of $10,000 USD from the Long Boi Gang. WCK is a non-profit organization that is devoted to providing food support to communities in the wake of crises and natural disasters.

Gab Bois NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway

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If you’re exploring surreal photography posts on Instagram, you’ll surely run into one of Gab Bois‘ cleverly staged images that satirize various aspects of modern life. Having amassed over 500,000 followers on the social platform, the Montreal-based artist and photographer is best known for her bizarre photographs that twist reality like a model wearing boots with computer keys as outsoles or using Apple AirPods as a bikini top. Gab Bois’ humorous yet subversive concepts are truly for the Internet age and now the artist is taking her work to the crypto world.
Gab Bois is launching her first NFT collection on Nifty Gateway. The series consists of two open editions, three limited editions and one single edition that is an animated work. From the artist getting a tattoo of the Ethereum logo to a jar filled with mints, the project features pieces that poke fun at the crypto realm as a whole.

Marvel and DC artist Alex Ross launching superhero painting series as NFT

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Artwork from acclaimed DC Comics series 'Kingdom Come', drawn by Alex Ross. Photo: DC Comics
Comic book Alex Ross, a longtime collaborator of Marvel and DC Comics, has announced plans to unveil his first painting series as a non-fungible token.
Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become a wildly popular digital trend, one that allows for the sale of digital content that doesn't have a tangible form. NFT technology allows collectors to purchase and store digital works, tracked with blockchain technology, while ensuring artists retain recurring royalties.
Ross' series, backed by technology company Otoy, is titled
Shooting Up The Mainstream and serves as a permanent digital archive of the artist's lifetime of work.

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