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Italy to Ban Fur Farming, Fur Growers Will Be Compensated

In a big win for animal welfare, Italy and France have joined other European countries in a ban on fur farming. The big fashion houses now are going fur free.

Why the future of animal welfare lies beyond the West

Factory farming is spreading around the world. Animal welfare groups are trying to keep up.

Foxes With Deformed Feet, Missing Ears, Diseased Eyes Found on 'High-Welfare' Fur Farms

Animal rights activists have said foxes are living in "truly depressing" conditions on fur farms that supply the fashion industry.

Action plan essentials to phase animals out of EU science and regulation

Following the EU’s advances in recent years in putting an end to animal testing in the cosmetics industry, the European Parliament is now calling for an action plan to phase out testing on live animals in regulation and science as a whole.

Moby Presses COP26 Climate Conference to Address Animal Agriculture

Collaborating with animal protection organization NGO Humane Society International, the 'Feeling So Real' singer sends a video addressed to COP26 President Rt. Hon. Alok Sharma MP.

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Meet the world's worst trophy hunters who killed 5,000 elephants, blasted baboons & left Cecil the lion to die in agony

WITHIN hours of being lured out of a national park, Mopane the lion was struck by an arrow - but it would be another 24 hours of agony before he died.

Harrowing images reveal true horror of dog meat trade as slaughtered & skinned pups hang from hooks

HARROWING images have revealed the true horror of Indonesia's dog meat trade where pups are hung from hooks and slaughtered.Published by the animal ch

World's First Human-Monkey Hybrid Created In China

Scientists have created an animal-human hybrid. Relocating their research to China to avoid legal restrictions they created a human-monkey embryo.

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